New Invention: MATRIX – The Internet of Things for Everyone™

  • Posted by admin on March 11, 2017

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The World’s First Smart Home App Ecosystem (3 killer apps included) + revolutionary platform connecting the physical and online worlds.

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20 thoughts on “New Invention: MATRIX – The Internet of Things for Everyone™”

  1. That's actually a pretty interesting invention… 🤘🏻👍🏻 almost everything in our hands, just once to b set and we are done … That's very cool

  2. And so it begins. Who is gonna play Mr. Smith, Neo, Morpheous, Trinity and The Oracle. Pick one and lets get this thing on the road

  3. Its called the Matrix, its round and it has 15 sensors, well i think its to much work waving and making motions before it works, its like having a over protective mom looking at you 24/7x the amount of matrix you own… BUT i do want to try the 15 sensors im a IOT developer myself, Smak just came out in Suriname and i did not only design it but also help build it, i dont know scrap about software, or hard ware but i am good at being creative and innovating, the first thing that should change about the matrix is the shape, it looks like a hockey puck with rainbow colors, second is the name, the first thing i thought was "When is NEO gonna pop up and claim some auteurs rights" …. last and final thing i would change is the fact you have to make so many damn motions just to get in your home, lets say you got diaria and you need to take a dump quick, trust me the door wont open for you, and last and final FLAW in the product, if the door opens to a motion and face recognition, then you can just print the face of the owner on a a4 piece of paper, hold it in your face and do the wave so it recognizes you, plus hacking will be very easy cause its constantly connected to the net. yup… thats the things i dislike but i do like the 15 sensors in 1 package 😀 5star for that!!

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