Nanoleaf: Check out this connected art for your wall

  • Posted by admin on April 17, 2018

Expect more videos this year as Kevin and I share some of our favorite smart home devices and explain the best and worst aspects of them. First up are the Nanoleaf lights, which both Kevin and I purchased over the Christmas holidays. These flat-panel LED lights cost $ 229.99 for a nine-panel starter kit, which includes a module that converts music or ambient noise into lighting displays. Extra panels cost $ 59.99 for three and you can link up to 30 panels. The display I have started out as nine and my husband ran out to buy 6 more panels for a total of 15.

Something you won’t see in my video, but you can see on the Nanoleaf site is a special connector that lets you walk the lights up a wall and onto the ceiling. For $ 9.99 you can buy connectors that bend up to 180 degrees to create some really fun designs. As I say in the video, these don’t have much purpose other than art, but they are pretty cool and certainly cheaper than an original painting. Check out the video.

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