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Posts tagged as “Designing”

5 Tips for Designing a Smart Watchdog

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Recovering from a system failure or a software glitch can be no easy task.  The longer the fault occurs the harder it can be to identify and recover.  The use…

Sudha Jamthe: AIX: Designing Artificial Intelligence

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AIX” is out on Amazon.   #SudhaAIX AIX is about designing hashtag#artificialintelligence end to end hashtag#data to hashtag#algorithms to hashtag#UX hashtag#Design to humanize hashtag#… the internet of things – IoT…

Designing Santa’s sleigh in Fusion 360

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from Designing Santa’s sleigh in Fusion 360by Pedro Vladimir Mariano shared on Thingiverse: Sleigh Ornament Learn how to modify a downloaded 3D model by clicking this link below: In this…