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Posts published in “IoT Tech News”

World-leading autonomous car development hub nears completion

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A world-leading development hub for autonomous cars is nearing completion in Nuneaton, UK. Built by automotive engineering giant HORIBA MIRA, the facility aims to offer a complete environment for autonomous…

Vodafone and Ericsson are creating safe flight paths for drones

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Vodafone and Ericsson are creating “sky corridors” which enable drones to travel safely and quickly. Today’s drones are predominately used for photography, videography, and just recreational purposes. However, drones will…

LAPD ban facial recognition following alleged unauthorised use

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The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has banned the use of facial recognition after officers allegedly used it without authorisation. Facial recognition systems have faced increased scrutiny in recent years…

Opinion: 5G is not the cure for the economic downturn

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The Spanish government has announced that its recovery plan will prioritise the digitalisation of cities, companies and the rural environment as it looks to reform the country’s economy in the…