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Posts published in “IoT Tech News”

Opinion: Making the smart city vision a reality

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The smart city vision is a fully connected city. One that uses technology to optimise key functions from transport, to saving electricity. And this idea is gaining traction. Indeed, despite…

Self-driving vehicles to become legal in the UK this year

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Self-driving vehicles will become legal on the UK’s roads later this year, albeit with some initial restrictions. The Department for Transport (DfT) will allow the use of autonomous driving modes…

Opinion: The key ingredients for smart city success

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Smart cities are the future of inner-city living. Attracting new citizens and investment won’t just come down to good schools, affordable property and excellent facilities. In the future, the digital…

Smart buildings: Shaping how we live and work in 2021

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More than half of organisations plan to increase their investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart building technology in 2021. This is according to Johnson Controls’ annual Energy Efficiency Indicator survey.…