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Posts published in “IoT Council”

DST sets up COVID-19 task force to map technologies

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New Delhi [India], March 26 (ANI): The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has set up a COVID-19 task force for mapping technologies from research and development labs, academic institutions,…

JLINC Protocol

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JLINC is an open protocol for sharing data protected by an agreement on the terms under which the data is being shared. The agreement is known as an Information Sharing…

Virtual Coffeehouse — Transforming Industries with IoT

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Be together; apart. Network with industrial internet industry experts, spark discussions with featured thought leaders and find resources for Digital Transformation. Join the ongoing conversation or…

Paul Burbank: Wireless is now an essential service

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Opinion: Political leaders and regulators should scrap their shortsighted pricing ambitions The unprecedented global response to COVID-19 has shown that modern telecommunications services are a…

Ivan on Tech: How Can Blockchain Protect Our Privacy?

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How Can Blockchain Protect Our Privacy? With the tremendous rise of technology, our privacy has been endangered. Facebook got released in 2004 preceding the world of social networks. Hence, just…