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Posts published in “Iot Central”

It’s Not All Linux

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In the comments section of my 2020 embedded salary survey, quite a few respondents felt that much of the embedded world is being subsumed by canned solutions. Will OSes like Linux…


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E-commerce has been seeing growth since the past decades. E-commerce had become a trend in retailers and popular in consumers. Owning to its quick, easy, and reliable service, e-commerce’s popularity…

5 Tips for Expanding your Embedded Skills

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5 Tips for Expanding your Embedded Skills As embedded systems engineers, we work in a field that is constantly changing. Not only does change come quickly, the amount of work…

How good does firmware have to be

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By Jack Ganssle   As Good As It Gets   How good does firmware have to be? How good can it be? Is our search for perfection, or near-perfection an exercise in…

The Anti-Quality Movement

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by Jack Ganssle Recently our electric toothbrush started acting oddly – differently from before. I complained to Marybeth who said, “I think it’s in the wrong mode.” Really? A…

How Has IoT Affected Mobile App Development?

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The Internet of Things, i.e., a network of devices connected to the internet, has changed the world as one would never have imagined before. No, really; think about it —…