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Posts published in “Internet Of Business”

Quality 4.0 Takes More Than Technology

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According to a recent report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), “Quality 4.0 Takes More Than Technology,” nearly two-thirds of manufacturers believe that Quality 4.0 will significantly affect their operation within…

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

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Augmented reality (AR) refers to the combination of real and virtual worlds (computer-generated). A real image is captured on video, while that real-world image is “augmented” with layers of digital…

Q&A| Atkins ‘s Ewan Murray on Smart Energy and Technologies

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Atkins is globally known for their robust engineering designs and services in renewable energy sectors, providing technical advices on emerging clean energy technologies. They have worked with the UK government,…

Digital Twin Technologies, AI, & Automation

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The 3rd Annual Internet of Manufacturing South is a very important conference for the construction and support of the industrial ecosystem. It’s a great pleasure to come and compare new…