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Posts published in “Intel”

To survive or thrive—the future of education

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Education In Transition The unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19 are creating new expectations for schools, teachers, parents and students. It has shined a bright light on our education systems and unfortunately…

Computer Vision Paves the Way for Retail Vision 2020

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Enhanced customer experiences, more accurate supply chains—all made possible with computer vision and AI As we go into a new decade, savvy and visionary retailers will find new ways to bring…

Intel Powers New Smart Grid Initiative for Substations in Europe

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Iberdrola, one of the world’s largest electricity utilities by market capitalization, joined forces with Intel and six industry major players, Ariadna Grid, Circutor, Landis+Gyr, Merytronic, Nebbiolo Technologies and ZIV Automation,…

Getting Started with AI for Computer Vision

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Computer vision and AI technologies – and video analytics specifically – are not new to enterprises. For many years businesses have heard that computer vision will be ‘the next big…