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Posts published in “IBM”

The post-pandemic destination is flexibility

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What will be the most enduring workplace change? The widespread adoption of remote work models.  Some of us never want to go back to an office, while others yearn for…

The benefits of sustainable agriculture and how we get there

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There is a concentrated effort to modernize the agriculture industry, and data-driven weather intelligence is the key to sustainability. Managing the decision-making processes of farming has always been complex because…

The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies

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Advanced weather technologies are changing utilities’ approach to operations and long–term capital investments. Beyond short–term forecasts, long–term weather models, data, and analytic tools can provide utilities with reliability, safety, and…

Cheat sheet: What is Digital Twin?

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Ready to cut the clutter in the new year? We suggest starting with your tech vocabulary. Here’s your no-jargon guide to all things IoT and digital twin. Digital twin: the…

Keeping the lights on in India using weather data

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Until just a few years ago, millions of people in rural India did not have reliable access to electricity, according to a report issued by the World Bank. Pressure to…

Seven Reasons to Invest in Engineering Lifecycle Management

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Developing smart, connected products and software is complex. And when you consider that software and product developers must also meet strict regulatory and safety standards and increasingly variant designs, complexity…