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Posts published in “IBM”

Seven Reasons to Invest in Engineering Lifecycle Management

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Developing smart, connected products and software is complex. And when you consider that software and product developers must also meet strict regulatory and safety standards and increasingly variant designs, complexity…

How the convergence of OT and IT is driving Industry 4.0

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New to IBM Maximo? Read this three-part primer that explores its critical role in many of the world’s asset-intensive industries, and what it can do for your organization. Each Industrial…

Get more performance from asset management

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Using IBM Maximo or another asset management solution helps you derive more value from assets by extending their life through reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance. Now imagine if you could…

Mission beyond the bottom line

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Asset management in the public sector is often viewed as a dichotomy between responsible stewardship of assets and effective mission enablement, but this is simply not the case. While it…

A powerful answer to the most basic question

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Imagine a construction company that receives an urgent request to repair a failing dam. The equipment it will take to do the job is deployed across the company’s staging areas…

The Road Ahead

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Connected cars have been around for a long time. General Motors launched Onstar, the first built-in telematics and crash notification system, in 1996.  Fast forward to today and not only…