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Posts published in “Gemalto”

How eSIMs help the environment

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In this blog, I am joined by my colleague Marylène Arnoux-Roetynck, [Marketing Manager] to discuss how eSIMs can have a materially positive impact on the environment, and the tremendous benefits…

Key security principles for IoT device manufacturers

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Our world is becoming ever more connected. From smart speakers and thermostats in our homes to factories fitted with sensors for automation, connectivity can be found in practically every aspect…

Maximise IoT Power Design: Sleep. Sense. Connect. Repeat.

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The latest cellular LPWAN solutions, such as, LTE M, NB-IoT and 5G have expanded the IoT landscape by delivering outstanding power and bandwidth efficiency, as well as expanded connectivity, even…

How to launch an IoT project from home

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The unprecedented lockdown of millions around the world has created a challenging and shifting environment for businesses. For organisations operating in more technical spaces, such as the Internet of Things…

The Top Four Trends at SXSW 2019

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The South by Southwest (SXSW) conference is now almost finished in Austin, Texas, with exhibitions running from the 8th – 17th March. The event includes both a conference on up-and-coming…

The best wireless connectivity for long-life IoT devices

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There’s no denying the significant increase in long-life IoT applications deployments recently, such as large fleets of battery-operated smart meters or healthcare devices, which need to operate in a highly-efficient…