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Developing Research Projects with IoT Technology

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IoT technology based on wireless sensor networks makes it possible to develop numerous research projects related to environmental sustainability, precision agriculture, smart cities and industry 4.0.

All these research areas are supported by funding programs of the European Union and other international organizations for the development of digitization.

Libelium supports public and private R&D research centers to provide their projects with IoT technology to optimize their results and facilitate their future practical application.

10 applications of IoT technology in research

1. Precision agriculture projects

Eradicating hunger in the world while ensuring healthy, nutritious and sufficient food for all those in vulnerable situations is one of the greatest challenges of the modern -and digital- world in which we live. Not without forgetting that it is one of the sustainable development goals proposed by the UN to be achieved by 2030.

Achieving this goal requires the use of a technology to improve production efficiency and help achieve a more equitable distribution of food among the population.

2. Environmental monitoring and climate change prevention projects

Is it possible to increase the quantity and quality of production, making the best use of resources, while minimizing the environmental impact? Not only do we need to focus on making production more efficient thanks to technology, but we also need this process to be sustainable over time.

Greenhouse gas emissions and the global energy consumption of the food industry make this model unsustainable. Measuring the quality of the air we breathe and being able to apply solutions that prevent the advance of these gases will help us to prevent thousands of deaths per year.

3. Water resources sustainability projects

Weather forecasts and sensors that measure soil moisture allow watering only when necessary and for the right amount of time. Also population growth and climate change are the main challenges for water, a scare resource.

4. Fire prevention and environmental protection projects

For an early detection of fire there are some important parameters to be sensed: environmental temperature, barometric pressure, solar light intensity, smoke, relative humidity, soil moisture, temperature and humidity into the area

5. IoT projects for smart cities

Populations are rapidly growing in cities which must be correctly managed.  Garantizar un desarrollo sostenible mejorando el nivel de vida de los ciudadanos es uno de los principales objetivos de las Smart Cities. Proyecto destinados a mejorar el abastecimiento energético, la calidad de aire que respiramos o la movilidad en las ciudades son todavía retos por cumplir.

Are you developing an IoT Project?

6. Parking space detection and electric vehicle recharging projects

The percentage of world’s population that lives in urban areas is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. Public authorities are worried about the impact that the increase of people could have in the urban planning of metropolises. Real-time data and analytics improves city planning and allocation of resources.

7. Waste collection monitoring projects

Accelerated population growth brings with it an increase in consumption and waste, with a negative impact on the environment. If we are searching for a new digital era we can’t forget to make good decisions with waste in urban areas. Strategies to re-use, recycled and disposal of waste are the main challenges -and opportunities- for the future in cities.

8. Industrial digitalization projects

In a technological market where the demand for professional solutions is increasingly challenging, Libelium is tailoring IoT solutions to improve industrial competitiveness.

9. Goods and production assets tracking projects

To know the exact location of a company’s production assets or optimizing the waiting time of goods vehicles at parking points are problems to be solved with IoT technology.

10. Sustainable tourism projects

Smart destinations attract tourists. Making a destination environmentally sustainable, with good mobility management and encouraging good management of its resources, makes it a much more touristy and attractive destination in the eyes of a visitor. Innovation and technology have always been present in the tourism sector. Developing innovative tools and approaches to improve tourism sector it has be a must.

The revolution of IoT can be applied in all the sectors we can imagine and Libelium is powering it!

Ready for succesful IoT?

If you are developing new projects and need help, count on us. We have experience, we know every step to be taken on the arduous path of the IoT and we can accompany you on your way. Let us be your sherpas.

Contact Libelium and we will help you in the implementation of any IoT project you have in mind.

STEP 1. If you are in an initial phase

IoT Training Service Libelium

We offer customized training and online workshops to know all the solutions that IoT can provide to your project. You will learn how to design IoT solutions and find the inspiration to apply it on your business or R&D project.

Discover how to set up a smart project and how to develop an IoT platform step by step

→ Design & Architecture of IoT Solutions

STEP 2. If you are already developing a project

Libelium Consultancy Services

We can accompany you on your way. If your company is developing an IoT project and you need advice on the devices that best fit your objectives, the most appropriate connectivity offers available for your project, or cloud platforms for data analysis, use our consultancy services to find a suitable solution.

We offer consultancy to identify all the steps you have to take: from sensors and communication protocols to the cloud platforms you need to successfully develop your application.

→ Consultancy Service

STEP 3. If you have received your order and need to start the implementation phase

Technical Service for Research

We give you premium technical support to contact your engineers directly to resolve any doubts that may arise.

→ Technical Support

All our services are adapted to the needs of your project and can be carried out digitally by videoconference. Start now and prepare to take off effectively.

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There are plenty of ready-to-use kits that bring together the hardware, software and connectivity needed to get your IoT project up and running.

Choose the solutions for agriculture, water management, environmental control, parking, industry or even for smart cities already packaged with the right hardware and the cloud applications in the singles process.

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