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Should you consider adding Gosund products to your smart home?

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Image courtesy Gosund

On our most recent IoT Podcast, Keith called in asking about Gosund products for his smart home. He’s already bought a few of their devices but isn’t familiar with the brand and wanted to know if we thought they would provide longevity and were safe from a privacy perspective.

We actually haven’t tested any products from Gosund which sells smart plugs, switches, and bulbs. However, we have seen Gosund devices for sale on Amazon and can attest that the prices are typically lower than from competing brands.

Image courtesy Gosund

As a result, we can speak to how long these will last over time. But we do know something about Gosund that might be useful: They use the Tuya Smart Life platform as the back-end for cloud services. 

Tuya is one of the largest, if not the largest, IoT platforms in the world, supporting more than 90,000 devices. No, you may not be familiar with Tuya and it is based in China, but it has many partner brands that you do know, such as Amazon, Brilliant, Lenovo, Microsoft, Schneider Electric, and Samsung SmartThings to name a few.

For that reason, we feel more comfortable with Tuya partner-products, such as those from Gosund, than from an overseas IoT company that we’re not familiar with. 

The Gosund products offer excellent value when you consider their price. A single Wi-Fi smart outlet that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can be had for $ 6.99, for example. Need a pair of Wi-Fi smart switches? Gosund sells a 2-pack for $ 32.99. It’s hard to beat the Gosund product line on cost.

Overall then, we don’t see any reason at this time to steer away from Gosund products. They’re inexpensive compared to most of the competition, work with most major smart home platforms, and have the trust of other big brands that we trust in our homes. 

If you’ve purchased Gosund products and have any experiences with them that you can share, let us know. Given the value and features they offer, it might be time for us to test a few of them ourselves.

To hear Keith’s question in full, as well as our discussion, tune in to the IoT Podcast below:

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