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Why IoT Projects Fail, a Beecham Research report with the participation of Libelium

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Beecham Research, the consulting firm specialized in M2M/IoT services and platforms, has launched a report with the participation of Libelium, together with other big companies specialized in design and development of IoT projects such as Télit, Semtech, Kerlink o Sierra Wireless among others. This report examines why IoT projects fail, or never get started, and what we can learn from them.
Beecham Research IoT Fails

For a variety of reasons, many of which we advance in our report of barriers on the Internet of Things, it is estimated that nearly three quarters of all IoT projects started will not be considered successful. The report does not seek to set out ‘one best way’ towards building an IoT solution. Instead, it explores what typically goes wrong and why, and suggests remedies for overcoming these challenges.

The report can be downloaded for free on this link. It is very complete, with great content, visual graphics and testimonies of years of experience of the shareholders, but if you want to complement the information you can consult our IoT decalogue, which briefly summarizes the 10 commandments to make IoT project a success.

Decalogue for a successful IoT project
Get the report “Why IoT Projects Fail”, 100+ pages free to download for anyone involved in building an IoT solution for their organization.


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