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This Real Minecraft Chest Can Be Opened with a MagiQuest Wand

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MagiQuest is a “live action role-playing game in which players take the role of magic users.” The game requires that a physical location be setup for the action to take place in. That’s because players, called “Magi,” interact with the game world using wands that emit infrared (IR) signals — similar to how traditional television remotes work. Players can use those wands to cast “spells” at in-game objects, such as to open a treasure chest and collect gold. Imgurian derpprogrammer has built their very own Minecraft-style chest that can be opened using a MagiQuest wand.

The first MagiQuest location opened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2005, and now there are locations in other states and even other countries. When players visit one of those locations, they can purchase a wand to use in the game. There are wand accessories available, but the standard MagiQuest wand is battery-powered and has motion sensors inside. As the player moves the wand, unique IR codes are transmitted to cast specific spells. derpprogrammer’s Minecraft chest is opened when it detects one of those IR codes.

The Minecraft chest is constructed out of wood boards, which were then painted by derpprogrammer’s wife. Some fake jewels were then placed inside for the “treasure.” To control the chest, derpprogrammer used a Microchip ATtiny85 microcontoller. An IR receiver is connected to that to pick up the signals transmitted by the wand. When the ATtiny85 sees them, it opens the chest’s lid using a small hobby servo motor. There is also DFPlayer Mini MP3 player with a speaker to optionally play sound effects. The result is great tie-in between MagiQuest and Minecraft.

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