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easySwitchBox Is an Arduino IDE-Compatible Long-Range LoRa Outlet

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easySensors has released their LoRa-based easySwitchBox wireless controller that can be utilized for any number of projects, including IoT and home automation applications. According to the company, the easySwitchBox does only one thing — it sends on/off signals to any switch, relay, actuator, or any other connected device, even those up to a couple of kilometers away.

easySensors states, “It’s easy to program using the Arduino IDE, and communication is secured by an authentication chip. The easySwitchBox not only makes your project more effective, it also looks more professional.” The wall-mountable switch is designed to enumerate the Arduino Pro Mini, powered by a pair of CR2032 coin cell batteries, and secured via an authentication module.

On the features and specification side of things, the easySwitchBox has three transceiver options available — HopeRF RFM95 LoRa 433/868/915 MHz (long-range version), HopeRF RFM69-HCW 433/868/915 MHz (mid-range version), and the HopeRF RFM69-CW 433/868/915 MHz (low power consumption version). The same goes for tuned PCB antenna options that are soldered directly to the board, and include 915MHz (US/Canada/Australia), 868MHz (Europe), and 433MHz (Europe).

An onboard Microchip ATSHA204A CryptoAuthentication chip handles security (provides secure handshakes), and the platform is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and all RFM69/95 open-source libraries. easySensors is currently crowdfunding the easySwitchBox on Crowd Supply, with pledges starting at $ 31, with your choice of the transceiver. The company is also offering a Nano Radio Shield at the higher-tiered pledges, which is equipped with an ATSHA204A chip, onboard 5V to 3.3V converter, and micro SD card slot. The Shield even comes with the same radio configuration as the easySwitchBox.

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