The IoT / IoE Lie (Internet of Things, Internet of Everything)

  • Posted by admin on March 8, 2017


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19 thoughts on “The IoT / IoE Lie (Internet of Things, Internet of Everything)”

  1. So unless I missed something, he didn't discuss another theoretical position for IoT/IoE – security.
    As it stands right now, IoT devices have incredibly lax security making it vulnerable to botnets and use as zombies in DDOS. This isn't really theoretical, even.
    Remember that all these devices are connected wirelessly. Now, think about the underlying security protocols. Sure, your WiFi may be protected, but a vulnerability is still there.
    Imagine that on a massive scale. Hackable, insecure entry points for anyone to gain access to devices. A worrying thought. So I would think that security would also be a reasonable area of IT to go into – if you're not there already.

  2. Ever notice the red line above the play button that shows snapshots as you move your cursor down the line. So I move it fast back and forth from side to side. VERY funny. The next T$ industry is going to look like a tree, and the subsidiaries are going to be smoke and mirrors with led back-lighting. No logistics needed. Pharma will probably go bankrupt. New transportation will be a horse and buggy. Thanks Eli.

  3. I'd argue that neither political party wants to solve the problems (like illegal immigration) because as long as there are issues they have full power over everybody and manipulate society to think and do whatever they want.

  4. as a german i need to say noone asked the americans to come to every little fight in the world. maybe financial and political interesst lead them there but not them people of the countries. we look forward to a big wall around the usa or to trade rules and maybe even for the us to leave the nato ^^ for us the usa is the nato. us controlls everything make all the rules and trys to rule the world why not just stop all this and just stay at ur little spot over there in noth america. we would really like that ^^ if that is the american problem why not solve it and the problems of the world will be solved with it. we thought u like to trade get cheap oil and control everything ^^ ok if u dont like so then just stop. for not its europe and the us and canada 850 million in the nato vs 6.2 billion rest of the world. why not make it europe and canada 500 million vs us 350 million and 6.2 billion rest of the world. yeah maybe u geht a much stronger XD voice then they probably will listen ^^ or maybe unite with switzerland so you are 358 million ^^ then you are strong XD or maybe u end up just like the british ^^ with no voice and a ruined dollar XD and the dollar is weak now imagine if you loose a third like the british did. XDDDD so maybe the years of world super powers are over ^^ then british or should i say english, cause the scots and irish want to stay in europe and leave (great)britain learned it and now the usa is learning it and maybe then russians also do it within the next years. but its just funny to hear you got the same probs with the rest of the world as then rest of the world got with you. XD
    so thats really nice that eli finally explained it to us. thanks

  5. Oh you had me going there for a second, when you said you got two new puppies, glad I continued watching and you said you got them from the Humane Society because I was about to hate you forever but now I like you even more.

  6. very tru, what if we just said… i talk to computer… computer talk to computer…. mcse/linux a plus…. then pick a language to learn (php or python or bootstrap….would that be a plan?

  7. In your video, were you referring to zigbee when you were mentioned the sensor company with the proprietary protocol for their sensors that reduced battery consumption???

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