The Internet of Life and Kerlink saves Black rhinos via sensor implants in horns

  • Posted by admin on October 3, 2017

The mainstream media mostly projects IoT in terms of smart home and autonomous vehicles. However, there’s more to the IoT technology then the making devices and machines run better and faster. The Internet of Life, an organization that applies modern technology to improve quality of life for endangered species has implanted LoRaWANTM-equipped sensors into the horns of black rhinos in Tanzania.

The solution will help save the endangered Black rhinos from poachers. The park rangers will use the LoRaWan-based solution for near-real-time monitoring and activity tracking of rhinos and other large mammals. The location data of rhinos is updated a couple of times every hour. The system also shows the location of all the rhinos in the national park.

Placing a location tracker inside the horn of a Rhino

Kerlink and SamTech supported the project implemented in Tanzania. SamTech is a key company behind LoRa technology and offers the technology baked within its chipsets which can then be made part of IoT applications.

They have taken the LoRa® network technology as a foundation to build a private network infrastructure

Usually, the IoT solutions deployed in open and rugged environments need to have long range and low power connectivity. This is where LoRa’s wireless technology offers 15-30 km range of connectivity coupled with low-cost, low-power, and availability of open standards to develop IoT solutions.

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