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  • Posted by admin on May 10, 2017

Nomiku has raised money from Samsung Ventures.

I often tell people that a connected product can’t just offer the ability to turn something on or off from a smart phone. It has to solve a real problem. (Which may involve turning something on or off from a smartphone, but that is pretty rare.) In the case of Nomiku, a connected sous vide device, the problem connectivity solves is fast and easy dinner prep. Nomiku makes a sous vide circulater, a chef’s toy that is making its way into kitchens because it makes delicious food without much effort. To cook sous vide, you put your meat, vegetables or whatnot into a bag and place the bag in water set to a specific temperature.

Nomiku makes sous vide cooking a subscription meal service that lets you order (and reorder) pre-packed bags of food that you then cook with your Nomiku sous vide. This uses the smarts that connectivity can deliver as well as convenience. And for Nomiku, it also provides a recurring revenue stream that helps offset the cost of maintaining the cloud back end for the sous vide circulator. All it needs to do now is make sure the food is good (and deliver to my area).

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