PNG-IX Network Security Workshop

The Internet Society (Aftab Siddiqui) and APNIC (Tashi Phuntsho) jointly conducted a Network Security Workshop in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG) on 3-5 October 2017. This was arranged for current and potential members of the first neutral Internet Exchange Point (IX) in the country called PNG-IX, at the request of NICTA – the National Information and Communications Technology Authority – a government agency responsible for the regulation and licensing of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Papua New Guinea. NICTA is also a key partner in establishing the Internet Exchange in PNG.

This first half of Day 1 (3 October) was dedicated to the PNG-IX awareness., such the role of an IX, how it works, why an IX has been established in PNG and why everyone should peer in order to achieve both short- and long-term benefits to the local Internet ecosystem. NICTA CEO Charles Punaha, NICTA Director Kila Gulo Vui, and APNIC Development Director Che-Hoo Cheng shared their views  

There were more than 40 participants in the Network Security workshop, with diverse backgrounds ranging from enterprise environments, state universities, financial institutions, telcos and ISPS. The training alumni completed lab work and learned about important security topics such as cryptography, SSH, PGP, TLS/SSL, IDS/Snort and infrastructure security topics such as RPKI, ROA and BGPsec . The presentation material is available on the APNIC Wiki.

The workshop participants who had different levels of industry experience, unsurprisingly asked many curious questions and discussion extended beyond the agenda topics and into more general Internet security issues. The participants found the workshop not only informative but also inspirational with the knowledge that was presented.

This event was made possible with the support of NICTA, and the Internet Society is grateful for their help and assistance throughout the week.

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First Practical Workshop on IoT to Increase Awareness and Interest in Ethiopian Universities

The Department of Computer Science College of Natural Sciences of the Addis Ababa University (AAU), in collaboration with the Internet Society and International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) successfully concluded the 1st practical workshop in Ethiopia on Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop, which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 23-29 September 2017 aimed at increasing the awareness and interest of IoT amongst Universities in Ethiopia and in the long run enhance the understanding and involvement of Africans in IoT standardization at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

The workshop came at an important crossroad as we are at the beginning of a new revolution, witnessing our pots and cups turned to be part of the computing world. The wrist watch no longer tells us the “time” only, but also a lot more information – from the status of the weather to our health. Our “things” can be enabled to compute and even communicate to one another; and this takes us to new mode of computation known as IoT.

Dawit Bekele, Director of the African regional bureau of Internet Society reflected on this issue saying that “the potential of IoT in all sectors of the society, be it in health, farming or industry has been demonstrated around the world. The IoT industry is already a multibillion industry and it is going to grow exponentially in the coming years. Ethiopia should position itself in this new industry and this starts with creating a community that has expertise in the area and can involve in shaping the industry worldwide, including by involving in the standardization efforts that are currently taking place at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).”

The workshop was a great opportunity for more than 30 participants primarily coming from the academia and research community of local Universities and Institutes to learn about latest IoT technologies from the well experienced facilitators that came from ICTP. The workshop gave balanced theoretical and practical components showing the potential of IoT in Ethiopia and while creating the core competencies that will help develop the technology in the country.

Special thanks to Marco Zenaro and Franck Albinet for successfully facilitating the workshop and the Department of Computer Science College of Natural Sciences for hosting the workshop. 

IoT Brings Potential Opportunity to Africa

A collection of photos from the IoT workshop

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Apply now for Arduino Core Developer Workshop!

Calling all developers in Italy and beyond! We will be hosting a three-day workshop in our Turin office, September 29th to October 1st, designed for students, hackers, and engineers ages 18 to 28 with a deep interest in microcontrollers, IoT, and open source development.

The workshop will focus on three main topics:

Teamwork and Open Source

  • GitHub and GitHub Flow
  • Hands-on collaborative projects on GitHub


  • Review of framework for MCU development
  • Introduction to Arduino core architecture
  • Arduino ecosystem tools
  • C++ and Stream
  • Understanding the difference between Arduino and other frameworks
  • Hands-on project with AVR, ARM, ARC32

Internet of Things

  • The future of IoT
  • Security, networks, protocols
  • Low-power
  • Hands-on “Chinese whispers” project involving multiple protocols, e.g. infrared, WiFi, BLE, Sigfox, LoRA, and Zigbee.

The workshop will be tutored by Martino Facchin, senior developer at Arduino, and is open to a maximum of 25 selected participants. The cost (150 EUR) covers all of the necessary materials, lunches, and social activities (breakfast with Massimo Banzi and aperitivo with the Arduino team).

Interested? You can start by applying here (deadline: September 10th). All confirmed participants will receive an email on September 12th with a link to buy their seat at the workshop (deadline: September 17th) via the Arduino online store. For more information, feel free to email us at


DATES: September 29 – October 1, 2017, from 9.30am to 6pm

VENUE: Arduino c/o Toolbox Co-working, Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2, Torino

TUTOR: Martino Facchin


Application for the event can be found here. Additional information at

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Opportunities to see Electric Imp IoT “middleware” at work: SensorsExpo and New Relic IoT Workshop

Update New Relic IoT Workshop rescheduled to August 16th.

Gartner Group points to security and interoperability as being the two most common factors delaying production roll-outs of industrial and commercial IoT. We couldn’t agree more.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be discussing IoT-connected security in more depth. For interoperability, there’s no better way to understand the importance of easy-yet-highly-flexible integration between devices embedded applications, sensors and components, and their public or private cloud services, enterprise applications and data analytics.

Along with our open-source library of over 25 leading industrial and enterprise application integrations, join us for some hands-on, old-fashioned interoperability show-and-tell at:

Sensors Expo, June 22-23 at McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California

MEMSIC is an Electric Imp partner that provides advanced semiconductor sensors and multi-sensor system solutions. In booth 634, you can see a variety of its sensors designed to address inertial and flow-sensing challenges for edge IoT-connected devices.

In particular, check out the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) demo featuring a MEMSIC high-accuracy, low-noise vibration-immune accelerometer. It’s connected securely to the cloud via the Electric Imp Platform to showcase comparative advantages of real-time streaming of clean acceleration data with its new accelerometer versus a leading competitor. For UAVs, this kind of real-time data increases position accuracy when on autopilot. It also enables monitoring of attitude and dynamics to tell the UAV to return home for maintenance or if it needs to land immediately. The sensor integration with Electric Imp was accomplished in less than a week and highlights the power of connecting the innovative MEMSIC sensor line to Electric Imp’s secure and seamless connectivity platform.

Also come and join our CEO, Hugo Fiennes, as he walks through tips for delivering low-power, low-latency devices that are reliably connected to public or private clouds. His session is ‘EM9: Designing a Secure Battery Powered WiFi Connected Sensors’ and it takes place on June 23 at 2:30pm.

New Relic IoT Workshop with New Relic, August 16 at 5pm, San Francisco, California

Join New Relic, which provides software analytics that makes sense of billions of metrics about millions of applications in real-time, and Electric Imp as we illustrate the powerful insights generated by IoT. The workshop features both practical and creative ways to leverage the IoT with the combined Electric Imp and New Relic platforms, plus expert advice and tutorials, and good eats. We will also be giving awards to the most innovative use of the Electric Imp and New Relic technologies.

Register now for this free workshop.

Electric Imp is committed to helping our customers accelerate their IoT deployments at scale. Partnerships with companies like MEMSIC, New Relic and others in our fast-growing partner ecosystem take the complexity and delay out of IoT integration. Hope to see you at these events!

Carol Schmitt,
Head of Product Marketing,
Electric Imp

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Join the Arduino workshop in Berlin, March 9th-12th

Arduino Workshop in Berlin

Join us for a weekend of special events at the Arduino Store Berlin! Activities will kick off on Thursday, March 9th with teacher training. On Friday, March 10th and Saturday, March 11th, the Arduino team featuring Tenaya Hurst will present some of the latest products, like the Primo and the Otto; in the afternoon, the focus will shift towards the Arduino Uno WiFi and the Arduino Libretto Kit.

Everyone (ages 8 and up) is welcome to attend the workshops. Teachers, in particular, will have the opportunity to learn how to present and replicate projects with their students, as well as meet and greet each other during a social brunch on Sunday morning. The Arduino Store is also looking to collaborate with more educators, so don’t forget to bring your CV!

Registration is now open. The cost of each workshop, which includes an Arduino kit, is €59 +VAT and will be processed at the Berlin store. Please remember your laptop and power cord, and to download the Arduino IDE before attending! Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact!

Arduino Workshop in Berlin


Venue: Arduino Store, Danziger Str. 22, 10435 Berlin, Germany

Thursday, March 9th 
17:00-17:45: Meet, greet and network
18:00-20:00: Teacher training workshop
20:00-20:30: Followup Q&A for teachers interested in collaborating with Arduino Berlin Store

Friday, March 10th
12:30-13:45: New Arduino products introduction (Primo, Otto and more)
14:00-15:45: Workshop 1 – Getting started with Arduino Uno WiFi 
16:00-17:45: Workshop 2 – Getting started with Arduino Uno Libretto Kit
18:00-19:45: Workshop 3 – Getting started with Arduino Uno Libretto Kit

Saturday, March 11th 
9:30-10:45: New Arduino products introduction (Primo, Otto and more)
11:00-12:45: Workshop 4 – Getting started with Arduino Uno WiFi
13:00-14:45 Workshop 5 – Getting started with Arduino Uno Libretto Kit
15:00-16:45: Workshop 6 – Getting started with Arduino Primo 
17:00-18:45: Workshop 7 – Getting started with Arduino Uno Libretto Kit

Sunday, March 12th
10:00-12:00: Teacher brunch

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