Bitdefender BOX : the ultimate security solution for smart home environments?

Bitdefender Box in home environment

By Marc, Editor at IoT Business News.

Bitdefender has just released the 2nd generation of its Bitdefender BOX, a hardware security appliance designed to offer protection to all the home systems and devices connecting to the Internet. The protection applies to all devices running operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, but also to Kindles, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart thermostats, or any other internet-enabled device. At a time where IoT security has become a hot topic, Bitdefender brings to the consumer market an easy-to-use solution to protect connected home devices against a large variety of cyber threats.

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Advanced security features for connected home devices

The Bitdefender BOX has been designed as a Smart Home Cybersecurity hub able to secure any home network with all the internet-enabled devices attached to it. And the protection doesn’t stop at the front door. Whether you’re connecting to public wifi or using your mobile network, your devices will stay secure out in the world as they do in your home.

The Bitdefender team has done a nice job, designing an elegant yet powerful box able to run a large set of security features on its Dual Core Cortex A9. Embedded wireless connectivity supports 802.11ac MiMo Wi-Fi delivering up to 1 Gbps throughput.

The BOX comes with the following smart home security services pre-integrated:

  • Web scanning: The BOX checks every website that the devices access and in case the website is listed as malicious in our cloud database, the BOX will block access to it.
  • On demand Vulnerability Assessment: The BOX offers the option to scan a certain device and check for vulnerabilities. In case the device is found vulnerable, the user will be notified in the BOX managing app regarding the vulnerability found (week credentials, outdated firmware, CVE vulnerabilities, etc). This also includes tips on how to address and secure your network, based on the specific vulnerability BOX has identified.
  • Device detection: Once a new device is connected to the network protected by the BOX, the user will be informed through a notification displayed in the managing app of the BOX and will be asked if he wants to allow the device to be connected to his network.
  • Exploit prevention: This engine identifies and blocks exploits through a mechanism similar to other popular IDS solutions in the market. It includes generic signatures to cover a wide array of attacks as well as specific signatures wherever needed (noting that the signature list is constantly expanded).
  • Anomaly detection: The anomaly detection engine uses machine learning and cloud correlation to understand how devices should behave under normal circumstances and is able to accurately identify, block and alert upon any malicious activity.
  • Brute force protection: This security module blocks forced authentication on devices connected to the BOX protected network.
  • Sensitive data protection: This module identifies whenever credit card information or passwords is sent over a non-encrypted connection and block the attempt. The user is free to surf a non-secured website without issues but any attempt to send sensitive information will be redirected to a warning page.

When operating in Network Level Protection mode, all the devices connected to the BOX-protected network benefit from the here-above security features.

The BOX can also operate in Local Protection mode. With this option, the Bitdefender BOX offers extended protection to all devices connected in the home network but also outside of it with the help of the Bitdefender Total Security package. This also includes a range of extra protection features like VPN brought through Bitdefender Total Security on Windows, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac on Mac OS, Bitdefender Mobile Security on Android and iOS.

Setup and System requirements

The most common configuration is using the BOX with the router provided by your ISP but the BOX can also be used with a combo of ISP provided router + personal router. At last, it is also possible to use the BOX configured as a standalone router if you wish to create a new Wi-Fi network. Whatever option you choose, the setup process is quick and smooth.

Bitdefender BOX can be installed and managed only using a dedicated app, available for devices running Android 4.0 or newer and iOS 7.0 or newer. The network level protection does not have any operating system requirements. The only requirement is that the devices need to be able to connect to the BOX protected network.

The Local Protection, Device Management and VPN have the normal Core Products system requirements, Windows 7 or newer for Bitdefender Total Security, Mac OS 10.9.5 for Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, iOS 9 and Android 4 for Bitdefender Mobile Security.

BOX package content

The Bitdefender BOX package contains:

  • The Bitdefender BOX.
  • A power adapter for powering on the unit.
  • An Ethernet cable – for connecting BOX to the existing router.
  • A Quick Start guide – to get started with the setup.
  • A Quick Start guide – for helping get started with the setup.
  • A warranty card.


The Bitdefender BOX is offered at $ 249.99 and can be ordered online from the Bitdefender online store.

It is to be noted that apart from its security BOX, Bitdefender offers a free IoT scanner that looks for vulnerable devices and passwords, and offers detailed security recommendations for home networks. If you are not ready yet to get equipped with the BOX, we recommend at least to try this smart (and free) tool which will scan your home Wi-Fi network for weaknesses.

Bitdefender Box in home environment


With the fast development and deployment of IoT devices, new security threats appear almost every day. Although we can expect that enterprises are in a position to address their IoT security issues by setting up smart security protocols and sophisticated equipments, most likely it is not the case for the millions of people using internet-connected devices at home. With its BOX 2, Bitdefender offers to the consumer market an efficient and affordable smart home security solution which may soon become a must-have in any home environment. Easy to setup and packed with the latest cybersecurity features, it is an excellent option for everyone looking to be on the safe side when using IoT devices at home or on the go.

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Blockchain Based Trade Finance Solution from Infosys Finacle

Infosys Finacle has globally launched Finacle Trade Connect, a blockchain based trade finance solution for banks. The solution will help digitise the trade finance business process, including validation of ownership, certifying documents and making payments, while working on a distributed, trusted and shared network. The solution is available for a range of functions, including Bill Collection, Letters of Credit, Open Account for Trade, C2C Transactions for Trade, B2C transactions for Trade, PO Financing and Invoice financing.

Infosys Finacle also launched a pilot trade finance network for banks to trial the Finacle Trade Connect solution. 11 banks have partnered with Infosys Finacle to be on the network. Banks, buyers and sellers continue to maintain a direct relationship and can engage directly with each other on digital channels

The solution is based on the EdgeVerve Blockchain Framework, an asset agnostic and permissioned distributed ledger that allows banks to rapidly deploy blockchain-based services for varied business areas. The framework is ledger agnostic and is capable of working with most industry leading blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Corda.




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Mojio secures $30m to speed up its connected car solution

Canadian connected vehicle startup Mojio has managed to secure a total of $ 30 million in Series B funding round led by Kensington Capital.

Mojio, whose connected-vehicle solution helps transform any car into a connected one, plans to utilise the funding to speed up the automotive solution and expand globally. The Mojio device supported by seven wireless carriers operates in five nations at present.

According to company CEO Kenny Hawk, thus far Mojio has transformed 500,000 vehicles into connected vehicles globally.

"People don’t want to wait for their next vehicle to access valuable safety and security features, let alone another 10 to 15 years for the promise of self-driving cars," says Hawk.

"But they are willing to spend $ 10 to $ 15 per month to access actionable, real-world data that empowers smarter decision making around family safety, driving behaviour, vehicle maintenance, and that offers a hassle-free Wi-Fi hotspot that doesn’t drain your smartphone.”

Mojio is the only firm to have receive an investment from the $ 100 million BC Tech Fund, launched in 2016 and managed by Kensington Capital. The funding amount, however, remains undisclosed.

You can find out more about Mojio here.

What are your thoughts on Mojio's strategy? Let us know in the comments. Latest from the homepage

QMC delivered fixed network wireless water meter solution in Canada using LoRaWAN

QMC delivered fixed network wireless water meter solution in Canada using LoRaWAN

QMC delivered fixed network wireless water meter solution in Canada using LoRaWAN

IoT and new Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology offers Ontario based utility provider, Alectra Energy Services Inc., a superior business opportunity for commercial and residential water metering using wireless technology.

The result of automated meter reading, better data and meter data transparency results in improved customer service and reduced operating expenses.

Alectra Energy Services Inc. wanted to provide more timely and detailed water consumption information to their customers than their conventional drive-by/manual read data collection system could deliver. Utilizing LoRaWAN technology, QMC delivered a fixed-network solution with seamless integration from the existing water meters to LoRaWAN gateway provided by network operator, eleven-x. All hourly meter data is provided through QMC’s cloud-based MeterConnex™ Service.

This commercialized Internet of Things (IoT) wireless water meter project using LoRa technology is the first of its kind in Canada.

QMC has partnered with Alectra Energy Services Inc. (formerly PowerStream Energy Services Inc.) to upgrade their existing stock of commercial and residential water meters to a wireless fixed network. The solution provides savings on operating expenses, improves asset management and customer-related business process such as billing. The project is geographically located in various cities from Vancouver to Toronto.

QMC partnered with eleven-X to provide the design expertise and LoRaWAN Network. QMC and eleven-X jointly developed an encoded Meter Interface Unit (MIU) which is able to read Alectra Energy Service’s existing stock of Sensus water meters.

According to James Easton, President & CEO of QMC:

“Being able to utilize the existing meter hardware saved considerable cost and time on the project and avoided inconvenient shut-offs and disruptions to the tenants. We now provide Alectra Energy Services with hourly interval data for all the water meters at the site.”

“We’re very excited to have partnered with QMC on this metering project that has been qualified for a much broader deployment across Canada. It’s the first such LoRa-metering implementation in Canada and we’re pleased eleven-X has led the way with a terrific partner in QMC,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-X. “We look forward to the future metering buildout by QMC, while providing our expert networking and technical support.”

For Alectra Energy Services, fixed network wireless meter reading will eliminate expensive drive by/walk by meter reading and will enhance the billing and reporting experience for their customers. “QMC provided us with the ideal solution for us to collect our water meter billing data wirelessly,” explained Daniel Miller, Director Metering Services for Alectra Energy Services. “It has enabled us to operate our business more efficiently in several areas.”

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An end-to-end IoT Solution, SuperIoT from Vodafone

Seeing the Internet of Things (IoT) being at the heart of Digital India, Vodafone has launched SuperIoT. The new Vodafone SuperIoT was launched at the recently held Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017.

SuperIoT is an industry-first solution that enables end-to-end management of device, application, connectivity, service platform, support and security. Enterprises will be able to focus on business outcomes by harnessing the true power of IoT, driving innovation and growth. Now, enterprises will not face the challenges of managing multiple suppliers and service. They can benefit from rapid application development, device management and analytics with the Application Enablement platform.

Vodafone SuperIoT comprises of Vehicle Tracking and Asset Tracking (Fixed and Mobile both). It also has People Tracking which is actually benefecial to School Students and Employees. The market for IoT in India is expeced to reach USD 9 billion by 2020.     Read more..

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