IoT Podcast: Apple’s HomePod and chip news galore

An Intel NUC board beloved by the Industrial IoT.

Get out the guacamole, because you’re going to hear a lot about chips on this week’s Internet of Things Podcast! ARM announced a new architecture for machine learning called Trillium and said it would license an object detection design and one that could handle some basic training at the edge. Amazon, too, is building a chip for its edge devices and machine learning will certainly have a part to play.

Also on this week’s podcast, Stacey and Kevin cover Intel’s smart glasses, Kevin’s opinions on the Apple HomePod and Google’s new IoT hire. They also answer a listener’s question about using different profiles with the Amazon Echo.

The guest this week is Alexandros Marinos, who is the CEO of He discusses the popular hardware platforms for prototyping, the industrial IoT and an up-and-coming platform that is breaking out because of interest in machine learning. He also talks about the similarities and differences between servers and connected devices as it relates to building software to manage them. You’ll learn that servers are like cattle, not like pets.

Listen here:

Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

Podcast: Mozilla’s IoT Gateway and LoRa Roaming

Screenshots from Mozilla’s new IoT Gateway web software. Clean design, but this is still very DIY. Image courtesy of Mozilla.

There was a lot of smart home related news this week as Mozilla launched IoT gateway software, Apple’s HomePod reviews came out and Nest was folded into Google. Kevin and I discuss all of that, plus Netgear spinning out its Arlo home camera business, Amazon’s creepy wristband patentAlexa at the Superbowl, and Apple’s health ambitions in light of a new study on detecting diabetes with the Apple Watch.  For the enterprise minded, we bring in Bruce Chatterley, the CEO of Senet, to talk about LoRa networks and offer some use cases in the smart city, enterprise and residential setting. Enjoy the show



Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

This week’s podcast: IoT’s nuclear winter

The Apple HomePod goes on sale this week and Kevin is getting one for the show. We’re not sure if you should yet. We discuss that, and our respective Google Home experiments. We also cover Ring raising money at a big valuation, layoffs in consumer IoT, and trouble at SigFox and more. This week’s guest is Matt Turck, managing director at First Mark Capital. Every two years, Turck amazes us with his map of all the IoT startups. This year, he came on the show to talk about where the industry is, what he’s looking to invest in and the end of the first phase of the IoT hype. Listen to the overview and then go check out his in-depth blog post and market map.


Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis

Podcast: Okay Google, manage my home

Port of Algeciras, Spain. Image courtesy of Maersk.

At CES, I made the decision to traumatize my family and swap out the Amazon Echo for the Google Home despite its known Wi-Fi challenges. We talk about that decision on the show, and from there, we hit the partnership between Maersk and IBM to create a digitized supply chain using the blockchain. Then we talk about a startup that might help with that effort.  Our guest takes us  to the topic of IoT networks and the future 5G holds for the internet of things. Chetan Sharma is the founder of Chetan Sharma Consulting, and he shares his views on how we should rethink competition and M&A in the digital economy.  I hope you enjoy the show.


Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis