Verizon carries successful data session on new NB-IoT Guard band network

Verizon carries successful data session on new NB-IoT Guard band network

Verizon carries successful data session on new NB-IoT Guard band network

Complementing Verizon’s robust nationwide IoT network offerings, new Narrowband IoT network will provide more choices for customers.

Businesses and global brands can look forward to an expanded lineup of network offerings thanks to the collaboration between Verizon and Ericsson who today completed their first successful Narrowband IoT Guard band data session.

The trials used the latest Massive Internet of Things Ericsson software on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a technology providing scale, coverage and security for customers seeking scalable and cost effective wireless access solutions for IoT. Verizon maintains a strong leadership position in IoT technology and solutions with a history of firsts, including the first nationwide deployment of 4G LTE, LTE Cat 1, and LTE Cat M1 networks.

While CAT-M1 is targeting a wide range of applications for business customers such as wearables, fleet and asset management, NB-IoT Guard band focuses on applications needing data rates below 100 kbps. NB-IoT Guard band technology occupies a dedicated frequency of 180 kHz bandwidth designated for IoT applications which does not share spectrum resources with commercial smartphone traffic.

Bill Stone, Vice President – Network Planning at Verizon said:

“We are committed to providing more customer options to the IoT ecosystem by leading with new technologies and capabilities such as NB-IoT Guard band that efficiently use dedicated spectrum and target different customer requirements for throughput and battery life.”

“The IoT ecosystem has tremendous potential for further growth and development,” said Kevin Zvokel, Head of Networks for Ericsson in North America. “With our IoT commercial software in combination with Verizon’s network, we are pleased to pave the way for future growth in this important segment.”

Nationwide deployment of Verizon’s Narrowband IoT Guard band network will be fully complete across Verizon’s nationwide network covering 2.56 million square miles in 2018.

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Avira launches Safethings to guard smart home devices

Avira launches Safethings to guard smart home devices

IT security company Avira has unveiled its Safethings product, designed to protect smart homes and their IoT devices.

The application is installed in routers to secure devices in the home and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect issues.

Executives from Avira say that the application can be delivered either via the router or by an internet service provider, so that customers don’t need to “act as the information security officers for their home.”

Connected devices are protected against hijacking, ransomware, misuse and intrusion, while owners can see and control how their connected devices handle data.

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Guarding connected devices

Safethings works by carrying out four actions. First, a software agent tags each device in the smart home and collects basic information about messages going in and out through the gateway.

Second, machine learning classifies each device, determines normal behaviour, and develops the logic needed to set the rules. It automatically and autonomously learns and adapts to develop more accurate detection methods.

Third, the AI detects unusual device activity and then shuts down the suspect activity without disturbing the device’s usual functions.

Finally, the user interface shows users what is occurring on the network, helping them to know more about the data that smart devices are collecting and broadcasting.

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Smart home headaches

“We know that people don’t want to buy yet another device and they certainly don’t want the headache that comes with installation,” said Travis Witteveen, CEO of Avira.

“We know that users just want to enjoy the experience of the smart appliances, without leaving the couch, and while being safe. They expect security and privacy protection to just work. Together with our partners, the internet service providers and router manufacturers, we work to deliver IoT security and privacy to consumers, via their routers, in a highly effective and friendly way.”

In other words, to reap the benefits of Safethings, consumers will need to pick from Avira’s list of approved routers or internet service providers.

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