Sigfox Expands Its Global Network to 45 Countries

Sigfox Expands Its Global Network to 45 Countries

Sigfox Expands Its Global Network to 45 Countries

Today Sigfox announced that 5 new countries have joined its global network, bringing the total number of countries in the network to 45.

The network currently serves around 803M people and covers 3.8M km2. With these latest additions, Sigfox is on track to achieve its aim of extending the network across 60 countries and regions and reaching 1 billion people in 2018.

The following operators will become Sigfox’s exclusive strategic partners, responsible for deploying the network in their territories, developing the Sigfox ecosystem and establishing strong support channels to address all verticals:

Asia : Europe : Middle East :
  • Xperanti in Malaysia
  • Amotech in South Korea
  • Heliot in Switzerland
  • Omnicell IoTnet in Hungary
  • iWire in UAE

Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, Executive Vice President Operators at Sigfox, said:
“We’re very excited to welcome these 5 new operators to the growing Sigfox family. We have already started to collaborate with them to expand the power of the LPWAN and strengthen our ecosystem. It’s another major step that reinforces our strong, unique position in the IoT market.”

“These new partnerships take us a step closer to our goal of creating a worldwide network able to support business both locally and globally, thanks to an extensive network of business partners.”

Sigfox infographic: network deployment feb. 2018Sigfox’s reliable, global network provides energy-efficient and cost-effective connectivity, allowing companies to generate additional revenues, by not only improving their performance but creating new business models too.

The national rollout will begin in Q1 2018 and include initially all urban and industrial areas and main transport/communications systems. It will bring new opportunities to a vast number of industry sectors, from supply chain, transportation and energy management, to oil and gas, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and telecare solutions, where Sigfox is already collaborating with other companies. Local operators will play a key role in the development of the IoT industry going forward, accelerating adoption among universities and start-ups, and enriching Sigfox’s ecosystem.

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Sigfox expands to four new countries, bringing total to 36

Sigfox expands into four new countries

IoT connectivity specialist Sigfox has announced that it is now operating its network in 36 countries around the world.

At the Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague this week, the company restated its mission to offer a consistent level of quality and service for low-power, wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity  to anywhere in the world – and announced it has recently expanded into four new countries.

It’s achieved this by teaming up with operators in Costa Rica, Croatia, Thailand and Tunisia. In Costa Rica, for example, it has formed partnerships with WND and Cognix to grow its low-cost, low-energy network.

Looking to accumulate know-how with its technologies, the company is also extending its coverage in eastern Europe. In Thailand, meanwhile, it wants to connect hundreds of thousands of objects.

Sigfox's global IoT network

Sigfox’s global IoT network

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Operators are crucial

Operators play a crucial role in accelerating IoT development in their local markets, and they’re working with Sigfox deploy and operate the latest network infrastructure.

These companies have invested almost €100 million to offer access to Sigfox IoT services. Monarch is one of these services, launched this week as the first ‘IoT network-as-a-service offering’, allowing connected devices to recognise and automatically adapt to communications standards in the world without roaming.

Because Monarch allows assets to adapt as they move across borders, it presents a lucrative opportunities for logistics, freight and consumer goods industries, company executives say.

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Other milestones

At the event, Sigfox also announced that Irish operator VT has signed a €1 million IoT subscription with Dunraven Systems. The latter designs and develops ultrasonic fuel tank monitors.

And in Australia, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has become a cornerstone investor in local partner Thinxtra. 

Meanwhile, Singapore-based partner UnaBiz has developed smart pest control system Ratsense, as previously reported by Internet of Business

IoT Sweden is using the company’s connectivity to develop intelligent crop-monitoring devices for smart-agriculture. And Germany company BrakeForceOne is partnering to implement IoT sensors in its electronic bikes and scooters.

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Exciting times

Rodolphe Baronnet-Frugès, executive vice president of operators at Sigfox, said that the company was excited to be working with new partners and that the expansion marks a key milestone in its journey to establish a global IoT network.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with our new operators to help their local ecosystems to seamlessly scale IoT solutions wherever the network is present in the world. Together, we’re building a future that will be better to live in,” he said.

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Electric Imp Partners with Autodesk and Skyhook, Hits Milestone of 175bn Customer Messages Exchanged Across 105 Countries

We’re very pleased to announce partnerships and integrations with industry leaders Autodesk and Skyhook. Advancing our partner ecosystem will help our mutual customers unlock the value of IoT-connected device data by making the information more accessible, actionable and geographically relevant.


We’re now reaching a point in the market where companies are moving from tests and pilots of connected devices to massive full-scale deployments. Our impCloud™ has now exchanged more than 175 billion customer messages with imp-enabled connected devices deployed across 105 countries — a great indicator of this market shift.

This progression in the industry also requires more work from IoT players to produce and maintain devices. To get there, businesses must pursue more complete enterprise integrations to ensure IoT is being used most effectively for their business.

The integration of Autodesk’s Fusion Connect (previously SeeControl) service with Electric Imp’s IoT Connectivity Platform will assure that edge sensor and device data is delivered securely to the cloud to gain insights into product performance, help predict failures, create new revenue streams and optimize the supply chain. Autodesk’s Fusion Connect is a no-code, cloud-based, enterprise IoT service that gives designers the ability to collect the data being generated by the products they offer. You can view Electric Imp’s Fusion Connect code library here.

Through a second new integration, Electric Imp customers can now tap Skyhook’s global network of billions of Wi-Fi and cellular network node locations to create reliable and accurate insights into IoT edge device physical siting and use. Electric Imp’s Skyhook Truefix code library is detailed here.

Our partner ecosystem is critical to our success. It’s why we’re growing globally and able to pass the 175 billion customer messages milestone. We’re very pleased to welcome and work with Autodesk and Skyhook as we deliver real-world solutions for real-world IoT.

Hugo Fiennes,
Electric Imp

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Honda Launches Connected Car Services in all European Countries

Honda Launches Connected Car Services in all European Countries

Honda Launches Connected Car Services in all European Countries to Increase Safety and Enhance the Driving Experience.

Honda is leveraging IoT solutions from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box to deliver the MyHonda Connected Car platform, which provides a suite of powerful services that enhances the driving experience.

MyHonda utilizes telematics solutions from Bright Box, powered by the Cisco Jasper Control Center automated IoT connectivity management platform, to deliver a variety of connected services that increase driver safety, simplify vehicle ownership, and enable new experiences for drivers. Honda will launch these Connected Car services across all European countries.

Sandra Hughes, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Honda Motor Europe commented:

“At Honda we are committed to optimizing safety, security and convenience for drivers with innovative connected services. The IoT services that Bright Box and Cisco Jasper enable us to deliver helps ensure that Honda drivers receive the best possible driving experience.”

Honda drivers benefit from the following IoT-connected services through the MyHonda Connected Car platform:

  • Vehicle information and diagnostics – Drivers have easy access to critical vehicle information via the MyHonda app, and diagnostic information is sent in real time to track the health of their vehicle.
  • Simple scheduling of maintenance – Drivers are alerted when maintenance is needed, and can easily schedule appointments with the push of a button.
  • GPS tracking for location-based services – Drivers are provided with information on their trips, push notifications to alert them when speeding, the ability to locate open parking spaces, and more.

Cisco Jasper Control Center is the global IoT platform of choice for 23 of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. These OEMs utilize Control Center to transform vehicles into dynamic hubs capable of delivering a variety of services that provide new, ongoing revenue channels for both them and their ecosystem partners.

Bright Box uses Control Center to decrease operational costs and guarantee the connectivity and responsiveness needed for Honda’s always-on IoT services. Honda experiences the following benefits of the Bright Box and Cisco Jasper IoT solution:

  • Best possible customer experience – Honda uses Cisco Jasper Control Center’s automated rules and APIs to continuously monitor and proactively service connected vehicles for pan-European drivers.
  • Optimized telematics – Bright Box is a market leading telematics service provider that is already using Control Center on four other continents with six OEMs. Bright Box has partnered with Post Luxembourg, who provides the connectivity for Honda’s pan-European project on Control Center.
  • Global scale – Control Center enabled Bright Box to easily extend the automated connectivity management for Honda’s vehicles across six European countries today, and Cisco Jasper’s partnerships with 50 service providers in more than 100 countries will enable Honda to expand their services globally as needed.

“Using Cisco Jasper Control Center in our Connected Car projects with Honda and other automotive OEMs significantly reduces our operating costs and increases the Bright Box service quality for our customers,” said Ivan Mishanin, CEO at Bright Box.

“Today’s most innovative auto makers are leveraging IoT to provide new services that enhance the driving experience for their customers,” said Kalle Ward, Managing Director EMEAR, IoT Cloud at Cisco Jasper. “With the MyHonda connected services, Honda is demonstrating its focus on building a better driving future where drivers will continue to benefit from new levels of safety and convenience.”

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