Smart Innovations heading to the Mobile World Congress 2018

As Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited is getting ready to participate in the Mobile World Congress (“MWC”) 2018, from 26th Feb – 1st Mar, 2018. With the theme of, ‘On the Road to 5G Enabled Smart Cities,’ Comba Telecom is presenting a range of innovative solutions at the event, including 5G, public safety, smart city and multi-operators’ solutions.

Comba Telecom is ready for the coming of the 5G era with the Massive MIMO/ Beamforming technology for 5G antennas and Digital DAS to be unveiled at the event. The Massive MIMO/ Beamforming technology minimizes interference of mobile signals, improving network capacity and data rates per user. To support its development, technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), debut of 5G Digital DAS can help to realize the objective of networks, providing high-performance 5G indoor coverage

Comba Telecom’s public safety solutions enables construction of reliable and secure in-building communications systems all thanks to the advantages of CriticalPoint BDA and DAS combined with other passive components. It enables responders and other public safety professionals to save lives in emergencies and disaster situations. At MWC, a new series of CriticalPoint public safety BDA and DAS solutions developed for global markets are also to be introduced to visitors.

As a smart city uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information, Comba Telecom will bring the latest smart and artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions namely ScanVis Computer Vision AI Solutions for Enterprises, Smart Pole, UWB Location Tracking and Scalable HetNet Base Station Solution with onsite demonstrations to the show, forging their customers’ connections to the road to 5G.

Mr. Simon Yeung, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of Comba Telecom and the President of Comba Telecom International, said, “This year, we are delighted to introduce our smart solutions and 5G technologies in addition to turnkey wireless solutions. To implement our business objectives, Comba Telecom is now allocating greater resources in the R&D for new technologies such as IoT and AI in recent years. We believe that our efforts can add value to our customers and facilitate their further success in the future.”

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GOOGLE to present at Digital Health Congress 2017

London – November 27th, 2017 – GOOGLE today confirmed its participation in the annual DIGITAL HEALTH WORLD CONGRESS 2017  ( taking place in London on November 29th and 30th, at the Great Hall in Kensington. Michael Wyatt – Head of Chrome and Android for Google Cloud in EMEA , GOOGLE will be presenting a keynote . Please visit the DIGITAL HEALTH WORLD CONGRESS 2017 for full details. Click here to REGISTER NOW!



Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specialises in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware


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Bringing the Internet of Things to life at World Congress IT 2017

The decreasing cost of IoT sensors. The increase in mobile devices. The scale of cloud-based platforms. Advances in traditional analytics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

These are the trends that will enable almost every industry to adopt and create IoT solutions in the next few years. Faced with this pace of change and disruption, companies are wondering how to plan, implement, and keep up. They need the right people and the right technology to build a digital vision that will empower employees, engage customers, optimize operations, and transform products.

Microsoft has been working with customers and partners across multiple industries and regions to enable this digital transformation, and today we’re seeing a new paradigm — an intelligent cloud with an intelligent edge. Companies are building new experiences that are multi-device, multi-sense and not bound by any particular computing experience.

This week at the World Congress on Information Technology  and Microsoft’s IoT Expo running concurrently in Taipei, Taiwan, Jason Zander, CVP, Microsoft Azure discussed how some companies are using new capabilities to change their business with IoT — and announced new resources Microsoft is bringing to the region to help more customers and partners realize their vision for the network edge.

A new OPC UA testing lab in Taiwan

During the event, Zander announced a new lab for Industrial IoT to enable devices and solution partners in Asia for the Open Platform Communication–Unified Architecture (OPC UA) gateway protocol, based on the Azure IoT intelligent edge framework.

OPC UA is a nonproprietary protocol that is seeing growing adoption and has become one of the standards for Industry 4.0. While it is an open protocol that enables devices to easily share data, it is also a secure protocol for IoT Hub-assisted communication that allows companies to develop new IoT solutions with the firewall closed, so production doesn’t need to stop.

In addition to empowering customers and partners in the APAC region, the announcement also furthers Microsoft’s support for the OPC Foundation—a collection of large companies who collaborate on the protocol.

Federated Labs

Zander also announced a new “Federated Lab” model for Microsoft labs, to build up strategic alliances and bring together engineering resources for developing vertical IoT solutions.

From a business perspective, organizations who join the federated lab will be able to connect with allied parties through IoT Innovation Centers at Microsoft, to strengthen their IoT service value-chain and broaden global outreach. Through the federated lab partnership, companies can attain technical readiness training for Microsoft IoT, including Azure IoT Services, PCS, Data Analytics platform, and Cognitive Services.

Customers and partners can also join the discussion on use cases and business models for vertical IoT solutions, and share design and development guidance, reference architecture and industrial practices in collaboration with other federated lab partners.

Customers transforming their business with IoT

IoT, along with analytics, advanced AI, and machine learning are the key enablers of this transformation. Microsoft Cloud technologies are designed to bring all of these assets together, from infrastructure to PaaS to bots, and customers all over the world are using the Microsoft cloud to transform their production lines and service delivery:

  • Tatung Group: With a history stretching back nearly a century, Tatung is exploring new business models with multiple IoT services across consumers, enterprises, factories, buildings, and cities. Over the last two years, Tatung has utilized Azure IoT Suite to build a shared services IoT platform with multiple vertical offerings—energy management, fleet management, retail beacons, and Tatung Smart Appliances, and is working to further improve their service level with AI-powered proactive maintenance services.
  • Hershey: Ingredients like chocolate and licorice are sensitive: One or two degrees in the wrong direction could mean discarding an entire batch. Using Azure IoT and Azure Machine Learning, iconic snack brand Hershey was able to build predictive algorithms to ensure the licorice extruders on the Twizzler’s production line are performing at peak optimization, saving more than $ 0.5M a year. Hershey plans on expanding the solution to more expensive ingredients–such as chocolate–to help reduce waste and increase savings.
  • SkyAlert: Mexico is subject to eight times more earthquakes than the U.S., but their early warning system for civilians operates only in Mexico City and relies on outdated technology. SkyAlert built its own early-warning solution using sensors strategically placed in buildings around the city and is sending the data to Azure IoT Hub for processing. The solution is 100 percent accurate and reliable, can be expanded to new cities within a matter of three months, and best of all, can alert millions of citizens to pending earthquakes up to 2 minutes before they strike – allowing more time to seek safety.

These companies join others like thyssenkrupp, RAC and Stockrose in embracing Microsoft Cloud technologies and collaborating with partners worldwide to build groundbreaking IoT solutions with intelligence at the network edge.

Only Microsoft has all the pieces to enable this transformation from the cloud, to the edge and back again, and with these announcements, we’re deepening our commitment to providing not just the technologies, but the tools and expertise to innovate with IoT.

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In 2017, you can’t spell Mobile World Congress without ‘IoE’

The end of February brings the annual technology pilgrimage to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, where telecommunications, media and content providers come together to highlight the latest and greatest technology and services. As the industry gets closer to the realities of 5G, there is one topic we can all expect to see pervasively across the […]

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Davra Networks Doubles Down on IoT Channel, Launches Platform at Mobile World Congress

Davra Networks Doubles Down on IoT Channel, Launches Platform at Mobile World Congress

Davra Networks, the award winning IOT AEP Software company today launches an integrated IOT Platform dedicated exclusively to the Solution Provider and IT/OT Channel interested in accelerating their IOT Practice. has been in development for 4 years at Davra, a channel focused IOT Platform company that has built a global partner program to deliver real customer solutions and business value with Internet of Things technologies. is a complete IOT Platform offering 100’s of real IOT Sensors and Gateways, a complete AEP Middleware platform with integrated vertical solutions, training and developer & vendor partner programs in one easy to manage platform. Uniquely however the entire platform is designed from the ground up to support System Integrators and Network VAR’s in offering IOT solutions to their customers.

“We are very excited about the launch and initial feedback from our partners has been phenomenal. I am also delighted to announce that we have recently been promoted to Dell Associate Partner as recognition of our growing relationship with one of the most exciting hardware vendors in the IOT space today. This new positioning will allow us to offer even more compelling and broader solutions to our global channel,” said, Brian McGlynn COO and Co-founder of Davra.

“We think highly of the overall capability of Davra’s Application Enablement Platform. The focus of the Initiative is well-aligned with Dell’s strategy of enabling customer ROI through clear use cases,” said Jason Shepherd, Director, IoT Strategy of Partnerships, Dell. “’s channel focus is something that also aligns well with Dell’s go-to-market strategy. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Davra, and congratulate their team on advancing to the Associate Tier in our award-winning IoT Solutions Partner Program.”

Davra plans to aggressively promote as the leading IOT Platform for Solution Providers across the globe in 2017. Hackathons and IOT Meetups in partnership with our local channel will be launched around the globe in May 2017 with the inaugural ConnecThing Meetup taking place in Davra US headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.

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