IDEMIA and Arkessa Partner on eUICC to Drive Growth in Industrial and Enterprise IoT

IDEMIA and Arkessa Partner on eUICC to Drive Growth in Industrial and Enterprise IoT

IDEMIA and Arkessa Partner on eUICC to Drive Growth in Industrial and Enterprise IoT

IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world, and Arkessa, a leading M2M/IoT connectivity service provider, have today announced the extension of their partnership to deliver eUICC and Subscription Management services to global Enterprise and Industrial IoT customers.

Arkessa’s connectivity management services include a global cellular footprint built on international roaming and local network integrations with the leading mobile network operators (MNOs) reducing barriers for IoT.

The platform now includes IDEMIA eUICC and subscription management services and brings consistency and reliability to the installation process and operational performance. The ability to switch or localise SIM profiles without the burden of recalling or visiting devices gives Enterprise IoT customers greater freedom to customise according to business needs, technical or commercial.

This freedom, combined with a range of radio technology choices from 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE Cat M to 5G, is accelerating Cellular IoT adoption on a global scale. The combined capability of Arkessa and IDEMIA will simplify and reduce the barriers for large scale Enterprise IoT deployment.

The eUICC based solution is transforming how OEMs design and deploy enterprise-grade IoT solutions. OEMs in all sectors most notably in the Automotive, Consumer and Household appliance markets, can now build global connectivity into their products which enable a superior user-experience resembling what is usually only seen with premium smart-phone or e-reader devices. IoT devices do not typically have screens making the network services the critical components in delivering a zero-touch provisioning and operational experience.

Yves Portalier, Executive Vice-President for Connected objects activities at IDEMIA declares:

“Arkessa’s multi-network MVNO platform coupled with IDEMIA’s eUICC and Subscription Management services mean that we can deliver future-proofed and secure connectivity solutions globally and for all types of IoT businesses.”

“We appreciate Arkessa’s leading go-to-market position thanks to their strong international channel partnerships.”

Andrew Orrock, CEO at Arkessa says: “We are excited to extend our partnership with IDEMIA and take a leadership position in Enterprise IoT solutions and services. The control, flexibility and global reach of eUICC is having a profound impact on IoT businesses and we see an astonishing opportunity pipeline across the whole range of sectors that Arkessa serves. Healthcare, automotive, robotics, household and office appliances, drones, retail and vending are all strong examples.”

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Arkessa and Iotic Labs partner on Smart Cities

Arkessa and Iotic Labs partner on Smart Cities

Arkessa and Iotic Labs partner on Smart Cities

Arkessa, a leading MVNO Service Provider for Enterprise IoT has entered into a strategic alliance with Iotic Labs, who provide secure interoperability middleware for Smart Cities with a specific focus on Transport, Buildings and Facilities Management.

The partnership allows both companies to leverage their partner networks to accelerate and simplify the execution of smart city projects which are frequently impacted by the challenges of working with numerous technology providers, cross departmental boundaries, or conflicting business models.

IoT and Data Analytics are critical elements in Enterprise IoT and Smart City strategies but large scale deployments have been slow to materialise. Systems integration and data-brokering is particular fraught due to security concerns, integration issues or because Enterprises have not built a compelling business plan demonstrating technical and commercial scaling beyond the proof of concept stage.

Arkessa’s customer and partner network is testament that businesses can flourish under service-oriented business models. OPEX-based or Ad-funded strategies enable global Enterprises and Cities to incrementally build IoT solutions into their infrastructure and services.

The groundbreaking secure interoperability middleware from Iotic Labs enables data integration to happen more easily at the Cloud or Enterprise level by creating an Internet-like environment for Things. This is Iotic Space where data can be anonymously shared or exchanged in a way that enables Enterprises to augment their own device data and databases with data from other Enterprises, or even from public crowd-sourced data.

Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO said: “We are delighted to partner with Iotic Labs and welcome them to Arkessa’s ecosystem of leading edge partners. The team at Iotic take the novel approach that IoT should be more about accessing the right data and building business value from a hybrid data strategy where they combine Enterprises’ own IoT deployments and third-party data published anonymously and securely into Iotic Space.”

Robin Brattel, CEO at Iotic Labs said: “Arkessa is a leader in IoT and they have an incredible channel partner network which is already delivering value to Enterprise customers. We are excited to collaborate and connect IoT assets on a global scale.”

“An Iotic Labs overlay on Arkessa’s current M2M services connectivity, security, location and eUICC subscription management creates an exciting proposition for many sectors from the Smart City to Industry 4.0.”

Smart Cities Infographic

Smarter Solutions for Smart Cities – infographic courtesy of Raconteur

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