Need for Cybersecurity Agenda for the Connected Age

To address the security concern in the connected economy, BSA proposes a Cybersecurity agenda. Cybersecurity practices and tools must defend the integrity, privacy, and utility of the Internet ecosystem. Given that effective cybersecurity requires close collaboration between the private and public sectors, BSA in the cybersecurity agenda urges that the Indian Government expand its leadership both here and abroad.

We are connected through our smartphones and web browsers. Also, through home appliances and industrial manufacturing robots. While these online connections bring opportunity, they also create risk, including large-scale data theft, privacy violations, phishing scams, ransomware, and malicious information operations that affect millions of people in India and around the world each year. Technologies such as cloud computing services and artificial intelligence connect businesses and governments, and transform their operations.

BSA suggests that the need of the hour is to Drive IoT cybersecurity through adoption of proven software security best practices. Leverage on emerging technologies to enhance security. Target investments and constructive policies to capitalize on the tremendous potential of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain, and other emerging technologies to enhance security.   Read more…

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