Aeris & MACH Networks Collaborate to Offer IoT Solutions

Aeris & MACH Networks Collaborate to Offer IoT Solutions

Aeris & MACH Networks Collaborate to Offer IoT Solutions

IoT technology leaders unite to provide 4G LTE connectivity solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

Aeris said today it has agreed to work with MACH Networks, one of the nation’s top providers of last-mile IoT connectivity solutions, to offer 4G long-term evolution (LTE) IoT connectivity solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises.

The fully managed bundled solutions available from Aeris and MACH Networks include enterprise-class 4G LTE routers, service plans on Aeris’ global IoT network and remote monitoring, management and ongoing technical support.

Aeris offers IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) services for a number of industries, including connected vehicle, telematics, fixed assets, healthcare, wireless point-of-sale and utilities. The Aeris® IoT Services platform provides in-depth visibility and control of devices, assets or sensors, regardless of time, number of assets or location. The comprehensive Aeris IoT solution, with its suite of features built into the platform, is geared to help companies enhance revenue, create new services and business models and provide them with distinct market differentiation against their competitors.

MACH Networks provides fully-managed 4G LTE connectivity solutions for some of the largest landline carriers in the nation. By collaborating with Aeris, MACH Networks will be able to expand its product portfolio to include fully-managed primary and backup connectivity solutions for IoT across the globe. It also will enable Aeris’ distribution channel partners to earn monthly recurring commissions selling connectivity solutions for IoT applications, one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry.

Aeris, in partnership with MACH Networks, will complement its existing IoT services platform with fully managed connectivity solutions for ATMs and kiosks, branch offices, business continuity, digital signage, industrial automation, point-of-sale, plain old telephone service (POTS) replacement, SD-WAN, transportation and video surveillance. Additionally, Aeris will be able to offer this functionality in an OpEx models as a fully managed IoT Solutions-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Christina Richards, Vice President of Global Marketing, Aeris
“The opportunity to expand our Aeris IoT Services platform and help more companies unlock the value of IoT is our goal and MACH Networks is helping us achieve it.”

“Aeris and MACH Networks now will offer fully-managed 4G LTE connectivity IoT solutions that will help SMBs and national retail establishments, quick-serve restaurants, financial institutions and healthcare providers turn their unconnected products into connected services.”

Don Ochoa, CEO, MACH Networks
“MACH Networks welcomes the opportunity to work with Aeris. The global market for machine-to-machine and Internet of Things solutions continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, and collaborating with Aeris represents a tremendous growth opportunity for both companies. We look forward to driving new business via Aeris’ global IoT network.”

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BSNL and Aeris team up to accelerate IoT in India

bsnl and aeris partner to provide india with iot technology

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), a state-run Indian telecommunications company, has teamed up with connected tech provider Aeris to accelerate the growth of IoT in India.

The country has already been identified as a key region in the world’s IoT market. According to research by Zinnov Zones, Indian firms own around two-fifths of the global connected tech sector.

New opportunities for connected projects across India

Through this partnership, the companies will provide enterprises, small businesses and public sector organizations with access to packaged IoT solutions and services.

It also happens to be one of India’s biggest IoT partnerships and will create new opportunities for connected technology projects across the country.

As a company, BSNL is contributing greatly to bridging the rural-urban digital divide in the Indian tech sector. It’s already created a range of initiatives to fix this problem.

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Transformative tech

BSNL possesses a wide IoT network, and it’s hoping to enable new IoT projects aimed at improving supply chain efficiency, enhancing customer experience, tracking and monitoring assets, improving logistics and empowering smart cities.

Operating for more than a decade, Aeris is one of the leading specialists in the Internet of Things market. It specialises in “unlocking the value of IoT” for firms.

The Aeris IoT Services platform, which the company describes as a “comprehensive end-to-end enabler for enterprises”, will serve as a core foundation for connected tech projects.

Targeted at enterprises of all sizes, the platform offers solutions that can help them “evolve into resilient, innovative and performance-driven entities that are future ready”.

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India at the forefront of IoT

Shri Anupam Shrivastava, chairman and managing director of BSNL, said this technology has the potential to transform India in a plethora of ways.

“BSNL has taken many steps to leverage technology to launch new services in line with the changing needs of our customers,” he said in a statement.

“IoT is an enabling technology that bears the potential to take India to a whole new level of development and our vision is to play a significant part in this endeavour.

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“In the days to come we will, through this partnership, translate the potential of IoT into tangible benefits on the ground.”

Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, president of Aeris Communications India, said: “Our partnership will ensure faster permeation of IoT across India and help businesses and PSUs gain remarkable advantages.”

He also said it will “enable innovation at all levels through ubiquitous connectivity and IoT solutions tailor-made for the challenges that Indian companies face.”

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Wisepill & Aeris collaborate to introduce IoT-enabled smart pillboxes

Wisepill & Aeris collaborate to introduce IoT-enabled smart pillboxes

Wisepill Technologies, a leading provider of medication adherence management solutions, and Aeris, a pioneer and leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced they are collaborating to help pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare organizations around the world improve medication management for their patients through IoT-enabled smart pillboxes.

Wisepill Technologies is the creator of the Wisepill dispenser, a pillbox with a global systems for mobile communications (GSM) chip that uses a mobile phone and IoT technologies enabled by Aeris to provide real-time medication management solutions. Aeris IoT Connectivity services offers many features to provide Wisepill with the opportunity to enhance service delivery and increase service radius.

Wisepill was founded in 2007 by Lloyd and Ricci Marshall to tackle the challenging problem of medication non-adherence in both developed and developing countries. The Wisepill dispenser was designed so that it would be easy to use. A number of independent user surveys have shown that people benefit from using the dispenser and appreciate the support they receive via the service and reminders.

The Wisepill electronic pillbox monitors patient adherence and provides instant feedback via cellular and IoT technologies. Unlike many reminder systems on the market that nag users to take their medicine, the Wisepill system was created to remind users only when they forget.

Wisepill has been used by patients with tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), epilepsy, osteoporosis, chronic heart conditions, diabetes, leukemia, asthma, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), and hepatitis C in more than 20 countries. The Family Health International chose Wisepill for its Truvada clinical trials. This was the first time that anti-retro viral drugs were used as a pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment for high-risk HIV patients.

The Wisepill system also has been used by research organizations and universities to monitor adherence for research purposes. Wisepill has worked with Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Initiative for Global Health to adapt the technology to work well in a rural environment where cellular networks are not always reliable.

Ricci Marshall, Owner and Director, Wisepill Technologies:

“Wisepill Technologies is excited to provide a truly global data solution to our clients enabled by Aeris and its IoT Connectivity services. This partnership with Aeris means that Wisepill can provide an awesome customer experience in every corner of the globe.”

Raj Kanaya, Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Automotive, Aeris, and CEO, Aeris Japan:
“Aeris is an Internet of Things industry leader and through our work with Wisepill Technologies we are helping enable their clients, pharmaceutical businesses and healthcare organizations around the world to use IoT technologies and improve their adherence to medication management. The combination of Aeris and Wisepill also gives patients the peace of mind knowing they are able to properly take their medication.”

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Aeris Expands Neo to Help Businesses with IoT Connectivity

Aeris Expands Neo to Help Businesses with IoT Connectivity

Service Enhancements Improve Speed-to-Market for GPS Safe and MedFolio to Connect Their Unconnected Products.

Aeris today said it has expanded its Neo™ by Aeris® service and streamlined the way businesses can access cellular connectivity that enables them to easily turn their unconnected products into connected devices.

Used by more than 400 customers, Neo is the industry’s first self-service IoT connectivity platform, dramatically reducing the time and cost of obtaining and operating connectivity and eliminating the hassle of working through traditional mobile network operator channels. With Neo, businesses are not locked-in to a contract, do not pay a setup fee, and are not obligated to meet minimum volume commitments. Businesses pay only for data they use. Neo also provides businesses with data analytics that allows them to make better and informed decisions about their connected IoT devices.

Neo has been tailored specifically to work with IoT, helping reduce costs and improve operational efficiency when deploying and managing devices. With Neo’s ground-breaking self-serve connectivity management platform, businesses can easily activate subscriber identity modules SIMs, monitor activity, track usage and manage alerts.

Neo includes SIMs operating on the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) high-speed wireless data networks, enabling businesses to have immediate access to nationwide GSM and 4G LTE cellular coverage footprints for data and SMS connectivity.

GPS Safe of Riverview, Fla. is the largest provider of air conditioning security products in North America. The company uses Neo to provide IoT connectivity for anti-theft services for residential and commercial air conditioning units as well as heat pumps.

“Neo allows GPS Safe to couple the Internet of Things with our own technology to protect our clients against air conditioner theft at their residential and commercial properties,” said Bruce Banko, Director of Emerging Technology, GPS Safe. “Our Scorpion air conditioner protection system is enabled by Neo and has given our clients a peace of mind they never had before. Neo has been instrumental in the success of our products.”

MedFolio of Burlingame, Calif. offers a medication management device known as the MedFolio Pillbox, which allows aging seniors and their caregivers to better manage medications at home. The Pillbox, enabled by Neo, provides medication reminders and tracks medication adherence in homes where little technology exists.

“Neo helps enable MedFolio to allow aging consumers to take their medication in a way they never could before,” said Julie Fulmer-Mason, President, MedFolio. “Our MedFolio Pillbox now offers the convenience of remote programming and accurately reporting medication adherence behavior in real-time, 24 hours per day and seven days a week. Neo is especially helpful to those patients and caregivers who reside in rural areas of the United States and have access to cellular signal but don’t have access to wireless technology in the home. Neo is the easiest system to work with.”

“Aeris is the first Internet of Things provider to give businesses the ability to take unconnected products and turn them into connected services,” said Kody Betonte, Director of Marketing, Aeris.

“Our customers have told us what they need to embrace high-usage IoT and machine-to-machine applications like video, remote programming, medication adherence and point-of-sale, in a way that is simpler, easier and faster, and we have done so by expanding our Neo service.”

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