SolarNow and Eseye, Enabling IoT to Change Lives Across Africa

SolarNow and Eseye, Enabling IoT to Change Lives Across Africa

SolarNow and Eseye, Enabling IoT to Change Lives Across Africa
The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting positively on the lives of millions around the world – potentially none more so than those in Africa.

SolarNow and Eseye are today announcing an IoT partnership, powered by AWS, to provide connected solar energy to communities in East Africa.

Social business SolarNow provides solar powered equipment, appliances and financing solutions to remote or off-grid locations in the region. The system uses Eseye’s global AnyNet Secure SIM to provide secure cellular connectivity and delivers data onto the AWS Cloud. The partnership has enabled SolarNow to move from a non-connected to a connected product offering and to take full advantage of the benefits of IoT, with better system oversight, enhanced security, remote divice management options and improved client communication.

Willem Nolens, CEO at SolarNow, says:
“This new level of capability is another key step in our continued mission to build the best relationships with our customers. Meanwhile, global roaming capabilities alleviate any concerns over connectivity, so we can continue to drive the growth of solar as a central energy source across East Africa.”

Paul Marshall, Chief Customer Office at Eseye, says:

“SolarNow has fully exploited the tools to make IoT easy – a move which is not only pivotal for the company’s future growth, but also for the future of customers it serves. The power of connected technology to solve issues and truly change lives across Africa, by enabling service provision for even the most remote or disempowered members of its communities cannot be underestimated.”

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Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 to Protect Forest Workers Across France

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 to Protect Forest Workers Across France

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 to Protect Forest Workers Across France

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, announced today that France’s Société Forestière has chosen SPOT Gen3 to protect forest management workers.

In an emergency, workers can press a single SOS button to request help and share their precise GPS location.

By the end of 2017, 100 SPOT Gen3 devices will be deployed nationally, supporting forest based operations in six regions. Additional SPOT Gen3’s may subsequently be rolled out.

Société Forestière conducted trials of GSM-based alternatives, including iPhone apps, but these were deemed insufficient due to inadequate reach in the remote areas where forest-based operations take place, and also due to poor battery life. Other solutions proposed by France’s mobile network companies failed to function in locations where signal was weak.

French legislation obliges commercial and non-commercial organisations to provide the best possible security to safeguard lone and remote workers.

Société Forestière was able to see the hugely positive results from the UK Forestry Commission’s deployment of more than 700 SPOT Gen3 devices to improve the safety of staff working in areas with unreliable mobile phone and radio communications.

In an emergency situation, Société Forestière workers can press SPOT’s SOS button to alert emergency services via the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC). SPOT Gen3’s tracking feature allows first responders and colleagues to locate forestry staff even if they are unable to press the emergency button following an incident. SPOT Gen3 can be pre-configured to send location data to a central operations co-ordinator every 2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

“We knew we needed a solution that was independent of GSM mobile networks and other terrestrial alternatives,” said Alain Guillon, Information Systems and IT Security Officer at Société Forestière. “After testing SPOT, we were confident to recommend the SPOT system to the Health and Safety Committee as the best way to protect workers, and to uphold our staff welfare obligations.”

Gary King, Globalstar EMEA Sales Manager for SPOT, commented:

“Société Forestière oversees a wide range of forest-based activity, with its prime goals to ensure better forest management and to protect the forest-based investments of its clients. SPOT is now playing a vital role in safeguarding lone workers as they carry out their important duties to manage and preserve France’s forests and forest-based businesses.”

Since its initial launch in 2007, Globalstar’s family of SPOT GPS satellite messengers have initiated more than 5,400 rescues worldwide. SPOT Gen3 was launched in EMEA in November 2013. An accompanying SPOT App allows users to view their SPOT messages, show their track points and monitor their assets via their iOS and Android smartphone or tablet.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery to Use Iridium® for Delivering Global e-Service Across the Planet

Hitachi Construction Machinery to Use Iridium® for Delivering Global e-Service Across the Planet

New Agreement Expands Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Remote Construction Machinery Management Business and Grows Iridium’s Heavy Equipment Partner Network.

Iridium Communications Inc. today announced a new long-term agreement bringing the truly global coverage and reliability of the Iridium® network to Hitachi Construction Machinery world class Global e-Service construction machinery management system.

By integrating Iridium connectivity, Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Global e-Service will now be able to expand to regions and markets previously not possible. Together, Iridium and Hitachi Construction Machinery are making effective, reliable and truly global, construction machinery management possible for Hitachi Construction Machinery’s vast telematics customer base.

Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Global e-Service construction machinery management system provides customers with robust maintenance information to help companies control CO2 emissions, minimize idling times and monitor fuel consumption. Through this new agreement, Global e-Service customers will be able to easily access and transfer critical data, that convey key operational information, including but not limited to, daily operation hours, temperatures and pressures. Quake Global, a key Iridium hardware manufacturer, provides its Iridium satellite network-based product for Hitachi Construction Machinery to integrate Global e-Service with the network.

“At Hitachi Construction Machinery, we are committed to providing reliable and accurate asset management capabilities to our customers with our Global e-Service system,” said Toru Kurenuma, general manager, design department control system center at Hitachi Construction Machinery.

“Iridium’s network will afford us a new level of global connectivity that will help us grow our telematics business and expand our worldwide footprint.”

Iridium’s network is uniquely qualified for mobile telematics and serving the Internet of Things (IoT) beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, due to the inherent advantages it boasts. Iridium operates the only 100-percent global network comprised of interconnected LEO satellites. Due to its proximity to Earth in LEO, Iridium’s network delivers low-latency and reliable connectivity supporting critical business functions, like remote asset tracking, vehicle management and preventative maintenance. With constantly moving satellites that can communicate with each other, end users have access to enhanced reliability and connectivity, even in the most remote locations.

“Partnering with Hitachi Construction Machinery is a major milestone for Iridium’s IoT business,” said Tim Last, vice president and general manager, IoT at Iridium. “We are excited to work together in making reliable, satellite-based telematics solutions available to Hitachi Construction Machinery’s Global e-Service customers. Integrating with our network will allow Hitachi Construction Machinery to deliver improved performance and better coverage to its customers, helping expand their business into new regions previously not possible, due to lack of satellite coverage. When deploying business critical communications, such as those with Global e-Service, reliability is key, and we are the only network that can offer that level of dependability and connectivity.”

To date, Iridium IoT services are used by eight of the top 20 heavy equipment, original equipment manufacturers, and includes five of the top 10. As the satellite IoT market continues to grow through the increased adoption of satellite-enabled telematics solutions, the need for global and reliable solutions will increase, further establishing Iridium’s position as a leader in this space.

All Iridium IoT services are compatible with Iridium’s next-generation constellation, Iridium NEXT. The new constellation, which is currently being launched by SpaceX, will also enable Iridium Certussm, the Company’s state-of-the-art communications platform supporting a portfolio of critical communications solutions. Specifically, for Iridium IoT solutions, Iridium Certus will support faster speeds and higher throughputs, delivering an enhanced version of the low latency satellite connectivity it provides today.

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Turkcell Rolls Out NarrowBand-IoT Network across Turkey

Turkcell Rolls Out NarrowBand-IoT Network across Turkey

NB IOT (NarrowBand – Internet of Things) offered by select global operators is now in commercial use in Turkey by Turkcell. This technology which can be used by many industries from energy and healthcare to logistics and education will allow machines to communicate with each other via Turkcell’s LTE – A infrastructure.

Turkcell continuing to invest in LTE – A infrastructure, became the first operator in Turkey to support NB IOT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) required for new-gen innovative applications on LTE – A networks.

NarrowBand technology is an upper segment of IoT (Internet of Things) which allows things to communicate over the internet like the people. With the NarrowBand IoT technology, sensors in smart cities will communicate the measuring results to a platform with short delay times provided by LTE – A. Data collected by the sensors and communicated to cloud via LTE – A network will be turned into meaningful data which add to the city environment through big data analyses.

“We support our network with the latest technologies and continue to be a technology leader”

Gediz Sezgin, Turkcell’s Executive Vice President Network Technologies, says:

“While our living spaces become more and more “connected” every day, Turkcell’s mobile infrastructure is now ready for a world where billions of devices will connect. We became the first operator in Turkey to support NB IOT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) required for new-gen innovative applications.”

“5G’s essential ‘NarrowBand Internet of Things’ is in Turkey for the first time by Turkcell. So we open the door to 5G. NarrowBand – Internet of Things will extend smart city applications and many innovative solutions will be developed. It is expected that the economy created by this technology as of 2025 will exceed USD 3 trillion. Offering a technology which will create such a volume requires a very strong LTE – A infrastructure. We offer the first and the best NarrowBand – Internet of Things services in Turkey thanks to the advantages and broad coverage of the frequencies. As Turkcell, we will continue to research and invest to introduce the most contemporary technologies.”

Thanks to this new technology made possible by Turkcell’s LTE – A network, machines communicate fast and effectively and makes lives easier and smarter in cities. As an example this technology can be used in large cities where parking space is a problem, where sensors which communicate fast allow people to reserve parking spaces in advance and save time and fuel. Sensors installed on garbage containers allow the garbage to be collected on time based on fill rate. Smart sensors make remote monitoring of water and gas levels easier.

On the other hand, this technology brings a new vision to agriculture and livestock industries. Automatic irrigation of cultivated areas based on measurement of humidity improve the crop yield and tracking applications for livestock are made more effective and easier. This new technology contributes to the organizations by changing their way of doing business and facilitates tracking of human health. This helps tracking health and sport activities through body sensors and ensures that the necessary interventions in a timely manner.

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Silver Spring Networks to expand smart light platform across London

Silver Spring Networks to expand smart light platform across London

Silver Spring Networks, a company that provides smart grid solutions across the world, has announced it’s to expand its smart light platform in London.

The Open Standards-based firm is looking to connect around 28,000 smart street lights in the City of London and the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham.

Silver Spring Networks has already deployed its Starfish platform-as-a-service throughout the City of Westminster, which is based on the company’s existing, secure wireless network and data platform, built on the Wi-SUN IoT mesh technology specification. The company is also a founding member and co-chair of the Wi-SUN Alliance, which aims to drive the interoperability of wireless solutions based on the IEEE 802.15.4g standard.

Now, Silver Spring Networks is looking to build on these strengths through a partnership with DW Windsor Group-owned living network company Urbancontrol. The companies aim to connect approximately 12,000 smart street lights in the City of London and 15,500 smart street lights in Barking and Dagenham.

Silver Spring Networks aims for total coverage

Ayse Ildeniz, chief operating officer of Silver Spring Networks, said: “We are excited that our go-to-market strategy is gaining momentum internationally, with our newest award in the UK, and we are honored to expand our deployment in London,”

“London demonstrates that world-class cities rely on technology that is proven to be secure, reliable, [and] scalable.”

Through the platform, Silver Spring Networks is looking to provide 100 percent coverage in the dense urban setting of London – including streets, lanes and alleyways. Supposedly, these are areas where cellular coverage is currently poor.

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Making London greener

Giles Radford, highways manager of the City of London Corporation, said: “’The Square Mile’ is a global financial hub and Central Business District through which over 450,000 commuters pass through daily. The smart street lights will help the City of London achieve its energy savings goals and reduce operational costs, while also improving service reliability and helping to lay a platform for future IoT applications.”

“The reliability, resilience and cyber security of the system were key requirements for us. We thoroughly evaluated technology options which were proven to connect critical devices at-scale, and guarantee highly reliable coverage, regardless of where the device is connected in the City.”

In East London, the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham are aiming to improve energy efficiency by investing in the platform. It’s become a core part of the boroughs’ goal to become the Green Energy Capital of London.

Stuart Wilson, director of Urbancontrol, added: “We believe that our city customers are setting an exemplary example for smart lighting and broader IoT deployments in London and across the UK market.”

Silver Spring Networks has already deployed its technology in Bristol, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dubai, Glasgow, Kolkata, Melbourne, Mexico City, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Washington, D.C.

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