e-peas gets $4.2M to commercialize energy harvesting ICs for IoT devices

e-peas, a startup that has developed energy-harvesting and low power consumption ICs and microcontrollers raised $ 4.2M venture funding led by Partech Ventures. Other investors that participated in the funding round include Airbus Ventures, JCDecaux Holding, Semtech, SRIW and Vives.

E-peas energy harvesting solution

The Belgian Co-founders Geoffroy Gosset and Julien De Vos run the startup as CEO and CTO respectively.

The startup promises to extend battery lifetime of wireless devices by harvesting photovoltaic, thermal, vibration or RF energy via its ICs called power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC). For instance, its photovoltaic ICs harvest energy from various light sources such as sun, bulbs, and natural indoor lighting. Similarly, the thermal IC can harvest energy using human heat, motor heat, and waste heat present in an environment.

The other product line of e-peas is a general purpose microcontroller based on a 32-bit ARM architecture. It contains internal communication peripherals, embedded memory, communication modules, and timers. The controller consumes less energy in active and standby mode compared to traditional microcontrollers used in sensor systems.

The startup plans to market the product line to companies developing wireless sensors, wearables, industrial nodes and other IoT systems.

One example of application they work with.

The key industry verticals it plans to sell its product to include retail, security, smart agriculture, and e-Health.

The idea of getting rid of batteries by sucking needed energy from ambient environment is not new, however, few startups are successful at delivering a product at a commercial scale. In March this year Tryst Energy launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It promised to launch energy harvesting hardware intended for IoT devices, though the project never materialized and was canceled.

e-peas launched in 2014 by securing local government grants and private seed investment funding. It used the capital to bring AEM10940 energy harvesting chip to market. The startup plans to use the latest funding proceeds to hire engineers and expand globally via partnerships.

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Flo Live raises $4.2m Series A to provide end-to-end IoT solutions

Flo Live Limited, a provider of end-to-end IoT solutions based at London, UK raised $ 4.2m in Series A funding at an unknown valuation. The venture funding announcement was made on February, 28 2017.

The funding led by Arie Capital and Golden Sunflower Capital will be used to grow Flo Live’s product development, sales and after-sales team as well as build identified IoT verticals. Arie Capital is a UK based venture capital firm focused on investing in Israeli technologies. The investment will strengthen Arie’s portfolio of tech companies that are located at London and Tel Aviv (Flo Live has offices in London, Tel Aviv, Paris, Limassol, and Hyderabad; they are currently setting up a US office in California). Arie helps through hands-on approach in international business development. Roney Cohen, a venture partner at Arie Capital has 15 years of experience in cyberspace/mobile connectivity and M2M systems. He will help Flo Live to expand its worldwide operations. The venture capital firm will also provide Flo Live an access to additional private and EU funding, business development platform and access to EU market.

Founded in 2015, the London-based Flo Live Limited uses a managed core network, true device management and IoT applications and analytics to deliver an end-to-end cloud-based IoT ecosystem. It promises to unlock IoT revenue growth for customers.

A typical customer is provided with a turn-key cloud-based platform exposed as an easy-to-use API that enables domain-specific IoT analytics, task automation, and customized IoT applications.

Flo Live’s IoT ecosystem consists of:
• TRUE device management: Covers deployment, connectivity, security, management, and analytics for IoT applications/services
• End-to-end security: Uses Flo Live’s floSecure patent-pending technology
• Network-as-a-Service: A core network deployed in the cloud
• Self-developed Analytics: An open analytics platform that enables customers to develop their own analytics

Postscapes: Tracking the Internet of Things