People Power Raises $3.2M to Induce Smart Home Solutions

The Palo-Alto-based People Power, an IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) software company raised $ 3.2M Series B-1 led by Innogy SE (ETR: IGY) and Origin Energy (ASX: ORG). The successful round brings People Power’s total investments to $ 14 million since the company started in Jan 2009.

Security, energy and home care services are key areas where the company sells its white label IoT solutions. The two core products of the company are People Power IoT Gateway and the People Power IoT Suite.

The AI-based gateway learns and enforces expected patterns of network traffic. The gateway is capable of flagging abnormal network activities and anomalies making it an intelligent device. The connectivity device incorporates ZigBee 3.0 and Green Power, BLE 4.1, WLAN 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n, Z-Wave (optional) and cellular connectivity technologies. For storage, the device uses local Micro SD storage and USB 2.0.

The People Power IoT Suite lets OEMs and service providers connect, learn, and manage their IoT devices using the IoT suite. It contains:

• Presto, an open source SDK

• Virtuoso, an app framework for iOS, Android, and Web for IoT application deployment

• Bot Services

• Symphony, a carrier-grade cloud server

• Analytics engine

People Power adds artificial intelligence to the system. It does so by letting different bots within its platform talk to each other to prioritize tasks. A user’s Smart Lighting Intelligence Bot will directly communicate to the Security Intelligence bot in order to prioritize whether to save energy by switching off lights or keep lights switched on for security purposes at a given moment. The system lets bots optimize tasks for an optimal outcome for the user.

Led by Moss and CEO Gene Wang, the company boasts a number of global consumer service brands, including the world’s largest telecom company China Mobile.

The Artificial Intelligence & IoT-based startup is operating in an ever competitive niche of connected home products, though it white labels its solutions letting it partner with other companies vying for the same market.

Postscapes: Tracking the Internet of Things

Sierra Wireless pays $3.2M to acquire GlobalTop GNSS

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR), British Columbia based provider of tightly integrated device-to-cloud IoT solutions acquired Taiwan-based GlobalTop Technology’s GNSS embedded module business for $ 3.2M. GNSS’s products generated $ 5.0M in revenue during the last 12 months. Sierra’s product portfolio consists of wireless devices, including 2G, 3G, and 4G embedded modules and gateways.

GlobalTop’s GNSS embedded module portfolio will become part of the Sierra Wireless OEM Solutions product line. Its primary use cases are car navigation, maritime positioning, freight management, vehicle tracking, and pet tracking.Sierra’s product portfolio journey shows that the company has been gradually gearing up towards acquiring navigation-based location tracking capability of its platform. The company’s website shows that it sells positioning modules for commercial, industrial and automotive customers.

GlobalTop’s GNSS boasts a strong product portfolio including Firefly Series, Ivory Series, Titan Series, Ladybird Series, and Hummingbird Series.

Postscapes: Tracking the Internet of Things