Sigfox doorbell posting message on Slack

  • Posted by admin on March 15, 2017

It all came from a challenge made by Nicolas Lesconnec on Twitter to add Sigfox connectivity to Konstantin Dimitrov‘s great project: Arduino Capacitive Sensor In less Than 2 Minutes.

So, I decided to give it a go!



But it is useless to just add connectivity to a project. Hopefully (or not) our door broke yesterday on the 4th floor, thus, I decided to make a doorbell that posts a message on Slack.

The base of the project is the same than the Arduino Capacitive Sensor In Less Than 2 Minutes, I just changed from an Arduino to an Akeru board, which has the same Atmega processor but has the Sigfox module included.


You just need:

1 x Akeru board
1 x 1M resistor
1 x Coin (or any conductive material)
1 x LED
4 x Jumpers
1 x Cardboard box (I used a Sparkfun Kit’s box)

See more on Instructables

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