Sensor-based wrist band for elders closes $6.2M Series A

  • Posted by admin on September 11, 2017

Aifloo, a smart care company providing sensor-based e-health system for elders raised a $ 6.2M Series A round led by EQT Ventures.

Aifloo app and wristband

Aifloo’s solution consists of a motion-sensitive wristband, cloud server, and mobile/desktop app where users can access the alerts, trends, and deviations, and patient’s indoor position.

Aifloo wristband

Its key difference from other systems is its medical A.I (artificial intelligence) algorithms that learn a user’s behavior over time. The wrist band continuously sends out signals showing that it’s working properly. Care givers and nurses can track things like if the patient/elder has taken breakfast, woken-up or other vital signals that show a normal behavior.

Users also have a panic button that they can press in case of an emergency. This sends a signal to the care giver prompting for help.

Aifloo App

Apart from the recent round of funding, Aifloo previously raised a seed round and venture investment. Its total equity funding stands at $ 7.5M in three rounds. It seems that activity and behavior monitoring is a use case that’s gaining traction both for personal/elderly care and enterprise workforce management. A leading machinery manufacturer CAT launched a smart-band that monitors worker fatigue. It is branded as a cloud-connected wearable sleep monitor.

AIFLOO from Aifloo on Vimeo.

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