Podcast: Mozilla’s IoT Gateway and LoRa Roaming

  • Posted by admin on February 9, 2018

Screenshots from Mozilla’s new IoT Gateway web software. Clean design, but this is still very DIY. Image courtesy of Mozilla.

There was a lot of smart home related news this week as Mozilla launched IoT gateway software, Apple’s HomePod reviews came out and Nest was folded into Google. Kevin and I discuss all of that, plus Netgear spinning out its Arlo home camera business, Amazon’s creepy wristband patentAlexa at the Superbowl, and Apple’s health ambitions in light of a new study on detecting diabetes with the Apple Watch.  For the enterprise minded, we bring in Bruce Chatterley, the CEO of Senet, to talk about LoRa networks and offer some use cases in the smart city, enterprise and residential setting. Enjoy the show



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