Must-Ask IoT Questions: Is The Last Mile Of The IoT Rock-Solid Reliable?

  • Posted by admin on May 9, 2018

The last mile, or the virtual mile between the enterprise and the IoT device, is often the most difficult for enterprises.

I’ve shared the eight imperative questions that enterprises must ask themselves before building their IoT ecosystems in the must-ask IoT questions blog series. Here I’d like to discuss this question: Is the last mile of the IoT rock -solid reliable?

Without a doubt, you will need to be confident that your business has a reliable, secure last mile. But how can you reach that confidence level?

Whether the sensor is in the same building or on the other side of the world, ensuring that the connection is resilient and secure is essential. Unlike people, IoT devices can’t move to a better signal. So access to multiple networks is key to guarantee coverage as well as to hedge against any outage on any network.

Confirming the devices can connect only to authorized platforms and that no one (or nothing) else can access them is critical.

The right balance must be found between enabling the connectivity needed for the IoT application or service and not over-provisioning the connectivity. By integrating the connectivity with the IoT application or service, it is possible to ensure only the required resources are provisioned on the network. This reduces the possibility for the network resources to be hijacked and misused.

The ability to monitor device behavior is also important, any device which starts consuming 20% more data than normal should be a cause for concern.

By establishing diverse network access, controlling what IoT devices can connect to, provisioning only the connectivity needed, and monitoring behaviors in real time, secure and reliable IoT services can be assured.

With so many things, devices, and objects connecting to the IoT, enterprises need to find the most reliable, cost-effective path to IoT interconnectivity. I invite you to read the SAP Digital Interconnect whitepaper “Best Practices for Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds of the Internet of Things” for a deeper dive into the 8 must-ask IoT questions.

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