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  • Posted by admin on September 28, 2017

BERLIN, Aug. 30, 2017  — AKA LLC, the developer of the world’s first artificially intelligent social robot ‘Musio’, will officially introduce Musio on coming Sept. 7 in Berlin. The event will bring together journalists in Berlin, to present live demo and keynotes on Musio’s latest features and capabilities.

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Based on AKA’s AI engine ‘MUSE’, Musio is a communication robot capable of interacting socially with people of all ages. Assisted with NLP (Natural Language Processing), Vision, and AKA’s rich interactive content ecosystem, Musio aims to address the world’s growing demand for a robot companion.

“AKA’s next step is with Europe’s traditional hardware companies seeking innovation,” said Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA LLC. “By presenting Musio the robot, AKA is introducing its core technology, MUSE, to our future partners. We believe that our AI engine will present immeasurable opportunity to those calling out for ‘AI Plus’ for the upcoming industrial revolution.”

Launched in Japan this April with SoftBank C&S as the official retail partner, Musio is now a No.1 bestselling social robot in Japan. The driving force behind is the English conversation feature configured through MUSE’s context-aware deep-learning algorithm.

Another key factor is Musio’s design element: Already noted in Japan as being incomparable in the industry, Musio further proved its design competitiveness by being displayed in an ongoing international robot exhibition (Hello Robot – Design between Human and Machine) in Europe.

Japan’s middle and high schools, top education companies, as well as global firms seeking employee education have acknowledged social robot Musio as their next English solution. Currently, AKA has reached an agreement with Japan’sregional education committee on deploying mass Musio units across primary and secondary schools in the region, and is now preparing for an official announcement. Moreover, Japan’s major senior welfare centers as well as health care centers are collaborating with AKA on using Musio to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Leveraging this momentum, AKA’s goal is to bring its AI technology to Europe’s industrial sphere ranging from automobiles to consumer electronics and appliances, starting from Berlin and across Europe.

Musio’s Current Features & Contents

  • Context-awareness: Difference Between Musio and Smart Speakers. The video compares Musio to Google Home and Amazon Alexa to present Musio’s capability in remembering past dialogue with users, as well as context aware, natural flow of conversation.
  • Poem writing: Musio Writes Poetry!. The video features a Turing Test, comparing Musio’s poems to that of a Pulitzer Award winner.
  • Smart car, powered by MUSE: Musio V Project . The video presents how Musio, and its AI engine MUSE can be embedded in automobiles to configure smart cars.
  • For more details, see 2017 July.


About Musio

Musio is the AI robot friend that can learn new phrases, ideas and information, making possible the interaction and conversation with human beings. Musio (powered by MUSE AI engine) can converse with users and help non-English speaking countries’ children learn English. As the IoT hub, Musio can be also able to communicate with other machines and devices. Musio will provide an opportunity to develop emotional intelligence for users.


AKA is developing A.I. engines to help improve communication among objects. The technology integrates artificial intelligence and big data to more effectively deliver essential communication tools, such as speaking, writing, facial expressions, and gestures that are often overlooked.

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