IoT Podcast: How to think about cybersecurity in old-line industries

  • Posted by admin on August 11, 2017

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This week on the Internet of Things Podcast, Stacey Higginbotham talks with Mike Spear, the ‎Global Operations Manager, Industrial Cyber Security at ‎Honeywell Process Solutions. Spear discusses everything from the differences in securing oil refiners and paper-making plants to how to train IT to think like a manufacturing security expert. Higginbotham and Spear also talk about who should pay for securing manufacturing plants when compromising them doesn’t necessarily hurt the company’s bottom line, but might hurt the environment or national security.

The show opens with Higginbotham and co-host Kevin Tofel discussing a fully automated T-shirt factory and wondering why there’s not much exciting news from the world of energy harvesting technology. On the smart home front, Higginbotham and Tofel rethink their aversion to Apple’s HomeKit, discuss Google Home’s preview program and the potential for the Amazon Echo to offer multi-room audio. Finally, Higginbotham talks about the gadget she’s been waiting for for the last 18 months.

Listen below, or get the podcast on your iPhone/iPad or Android Device.

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