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Posts tagged as “Protecting”

WhyID: Protecting Our Identity in the Digital Age

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To the leaders of International Development Banks, the United Nations, International Aid Organisations, Funding Agencies, and National Governments: We are a group of civil society organisations,… the internet of things…

Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks

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  It was an attack on a hospital like no other, reported the news in February 2016. The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had been hacked. Its services were crippled. As…

Protecting Your Linux Both Now and Beyond

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Linux-based operating systems have a reputation for its high-security level. That’s one of the reasons why the market share for Linux has been growing — although not at an amazing…

Picking and Protecting Passwords

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from Picking and Protecting Passwordsby Peggy Smedley World Password Day is coming up on May 2, and this will provide the perfect excuse for media outlets—Connected World among them—to talk…