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Posts tagged as “cybersecurity”

A Cybersecurity Strategy Guide for Your Power Grid

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To thrive in today’s dynamic market, power utilities require new types of smart grid and control applications that enable them to optimize grid efficiency and utilize renewable energy sources. As power grids…

Cybersecurity Begins at the Beginning

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from Cybersecurity Begins at the Beginningby Peggy Smedley Last month, security was in the news again, and not in a good way. On September 12, interactive gaming company Zynga, which…

How to Regulate Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things

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Today, I have the honor of speaking on IoT security policy at the annual CyberNextDC conference organized by the Cybersecurity Coalition.  As the number of connected devices grows and these…

Simple NIST cybersecurity Compliance for Manufacturing

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As industrial technology advances, manufacturers are increasingly using cloud, data analytics and mobile to improve their connectivity and infrastructure. This means a larger attack surface which creates a rich target…