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Posts published in “Libelium”

EsRadio – Alicia Asín

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The intimist EsRadio show’s “Constructores de sentido” interviews Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO. In the conversation with her host, Reyes Lambea, Alicia Asín reveals some personal points of view about books,…

SMART Distribution LLC, our official distributor of Libelium in Russia, new member in the Competence Center of the Scientific and Technological Institute

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The consortium at the Competence Center of the Scientific and Technological Institute “Technologies of wireless communication and the Internet of things” on the basis of the Skolkovo Institute of Science…

Libelium and SmartDataSystem present solar panel monitoring kits that control photovoltaic plants performance with IoT technology

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Libelium and SmartDataSystem have launched new solar panel monitoring IoT kits, available in The IoT Marketplace, you can now control the different performance parameters in photovoltaic plants. The photovoltaic market…

Murcia Digital Week: 29 March 2019, Murcia, ES

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The Murcia Digital Week is an event where companies, administrations and citizens come together. Presentations, round tables, exhibitions and exchange of knowledge about entrepreneurship and digital transformation. On the 29th…

New vineyard project developed with Libelium IoT platform on Agrotech, the app for crop management, powered by Efor and Ibercaja on Microsoft Azure

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Precision viticulture projects look for the maximization of the oenology potential of the vineyards, adapting to extreme conditions, to obtain higher quality and better productivity of the vintage. Agricultural IoT…