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Posts published in “Iot Central”

IoT in Secondary Education

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Elements of IoT are being shared with secondary students in classrooms all around the world.  My contribution to this educational arena has been toward the design and implementation of IoT…

Food for Thought: How much of IoT is too much?

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    Picture Courtesy: Pixabay   Recently I have attended an IoT conference where three presentations caught my attention: Presentation 1: Development of IoT. This presentation was held by an…

IoT is Making Heavy Equipment Safer and More Efficient

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Heavy equipment is mainly used extensively in industries such as construction, oil and gas, mining, forestry, energy, civil engineering, military engineering, transportation, and many others. Industrial heavy machines include construction…

9 Myths about Internet of Things, Busted

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Do you know that the number of internet connected things will reach 75 billion in the year 2025 as per the reports released by Statista? Well, the report is not…