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Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business

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Do you want to save time and money for workforce tasks? Are you getting annoyed with the unmanaged environment? Of course, being a businessperson, it is tough to manage customers, patients, clients, and it takes a lot of effort to maintain a calendar and execute the plan.  So, to optimally operate the business, it is necessary to adopt: The Best Appointment Scheduling software.

To manage the emergency bookings, rescheduling an appointment on short notice and cutting down on loses for no shows is more complicated. It is not required to execute all this work manually because Online Appointment Scheduling can do this for you without hassles.

If in any case, someone wants to book an appointment with you, they only have to visit the business website, a social networking site, or some other technology they have mentioned and with the available time and date, they can easily book an appointment.

The businessperson who cannot hire a dedicated administrative executive because of less budget can handle tedious tasks with excellence with an Appointment Booking Software.

This article aims to list the top 10 appointment scheduling software for small businesses. With this software, you can instantly book the appointment without any botheration. These appointments scheduling software are very appropriate and resulted in being beneficial for business experts and their customers. So, let’s get started with the best appointment scheduling software.

Best appointment scheduling software for small business.


As cloud-based software, AppointEze assists the customers to book the appointment online in a manageable and convenient manner. This CRM based appointment scheduling software is designed specifically for small enterprises.  With an approach to deliver the best services to the customers, AppointEze provides optimized features for a businessperson to save money and time.

It accepts payments from reliable payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe. Google Calendar Sync is used to abstain the twice booking. It permits customers to schedule appointments straight from the website. It came up with the features, such as appointment management, track leads, set activities, e-mail tracking, Calendar Integrations, and many more.

Its pricing starts from $ 9.00/Per User Per Month (Economy) and $ 15.00/Per User Per Month (Premium).

Square appointments

Square is a leading appointment scheduling software in small businesses for payment processing solutions. It has a small and individual team of service providers with perspective and smooth technology. It includes plenty of features. It automatically sends the notification in the form of texts and emails to the customers.

Customers can only book the appointments online in that particular time frame you have set. The business person can check the employee schedules from anywhere. Customer history can also be verified with the purchasing history as well. You can include a booking widget to your social platforms and website.

It is free for individuals, and it gets paid for a businessperson. Its price starts from $ 50 per month for the enterprise including 2 to 5 employees and 6 to 10 employee; it charges $ 90 per month.


It makes itself different from the other applications/software because of the two offers it gives.

  • First, it lets you check the appointments if you are offline with the desktop applications.
  • Second, it has access to a massive list of business software, such as Quick Books, MailChimp, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce. It offers the right codes to copy and paste to the websites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, and Weebly) for permitting the clients to book their appointment online.

Its starting price is $ 25.00 per month per user. It provides a free version as well. It can be deployed to Web, SaaS and cloud platforms, mobile-iOS native, Mobile -an android native. It provides customer support 24X7 (in business hours as well).


As an online appointment scheduling software, it lets you schedule appointments for workshops, classes, rides, events, and tours. It allows the clients to schedule their appointment by themselves. It came up with large customization options that increase with every plan.

It accepts the payments via PayPal, stripe and from It can be integrated with your websites and with social media accounts as well.

It offers the free plan which is appropriate for small businesses with a plan of 100 appointments in a month. The paid plans are $ 19.99 per month (growth plan), $ 49.99 per month (professional plan), $ 79.99 per month (an organization with different locations).


Being a cloud-based appointment scheduling software, it makes transparency between the businessperson and the customers. It makes a trust-oriented and smooth relationship which is also necessary for long-time sustainability. It offers one or more channels for attaining valuable customer feedback.

It has an option to send notifications for reminders; clients can revert to the notifications to cancel, confirm, and rescheduling of the appointments. The messages can be sent via Facebook, Slack, SMS, and from the chat features on the dashboard. It accepts the payments from SagePay, PayPal, and Stripe with no extra fee.

This software lets customers track the growth from the custom reports. If offers a paid plan of $ 9.6  per month, users can also get 100 bookings per month free by the mentioned payment gateways.


This is the Best Appointment Scheduling Application because of its extensive usage in enterprises. Acuity software assists the users in scheduling and managing different time zones for small business. As it has an option of self-booking, which helps in accelerating the speed in providing the convenience for scheduling.

Acuity has a real-time booking system to evade double booking and overlapping. It accepts the payment via Square, Authorize. Net, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. It can be integrated with approximately 500+applications via Zapier.

It offers reasonable pricing. It is free for one-person businesses with fewer capabilities.  Its pricing starts for $ 15 per month for solopreneurs, $ 25 per month for calendar management and $ 50 per month for managing 36 calendars.


Easy manageable and fully-functional capabilities, Genbook appointment scheduling software, can operate the small business conveniently. It permits the customers to book the appointments either from desktop or from mobile devices, and they can customize the appointments accordingly.

You can manage your business from anywhere with android and iOS applications. It has a scheduling webpage that has google maps, business logo and details, real-time booking, and customer reviews.

It also offers special promotions that attract clients with online discounts and special deals and coupons. The customers will be notified by SMS or email for any updating regarding appointment scheduling.


SuperSaaS offers affordable and flexible solutions for schedule management as per your desire. It doesn’t let you waste your time and is available 24X7 for customer support. It came up with features, such as SMS and email reminders, sync calendars, website integration.

They accept online payments and credits, set pricing rules, promotion designing, layout customization to relate to the brand, control access, and many more. It is accessible in 34 languages.

This software has a detailed level of customization to access the kind of business you have with the appointment you provide.  It can be used in SaaS, cloud and on Web. Its starting price is $ 8.00 per month.

With a professional outline, is an inclusive appointment scheduling software in the web world. It accepts the payment online, provides the service add-ons and packs, membership, detailed statistics of business. This software is available in English, Chinese, german, french, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Taiwanese and Portuguese languages.

It has an integration with the payment gateways that are easily accessible by the customers. Its price starts at $ 10.00 per month. It can be deployed to Web, SaaS and Cloud platforms, Mobile-android native and mobile-iOS native.


Wrike makes managing and scheduling of several projects, events, and campaigns easier. You can manage your schedules on tables, Kanban boards, task lists, and plan visualization. It develops the custom dashboards for tracking the most significant tasks and make the reports in just one click. It is suitable for operations, marketing, information technology, and a project with a team of 25+ employees.
Its starting price is $ 9.80 per month, $ 9.80 per month for professional and $ 24.6 per month for businesses.  It is available 24X7 online for customer support.

Concluding remarks

We have mentioned the top 10 scheduling software for small businesses that would help manage the appointments smoothly. To find the best scheduling software for small businesses is a complex task, but a correct solution can give your business the heights. Choose the one that is entirely related to your business requirements.

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