IBM Watson IoT Platform Demo

  • Posted by admin on March 15, 2017

IBM IoT Foundation Platform Demo
See how easy it is to start connecting devices to the IoT and start pulling data from those connected devices.
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7 thoughts on “IBM Watson IoT Platform Demo”

  1. Very simple presentation showing how easy it is to 'start' in IoT, however, technically, this is pure Telemetry, not really IoT. Chris needs to seriously focus on how he speaks also. Way too many ah's and um's. I suggest Toastmasters!

  2. Whats "IBM Watson" about this video.. just unwrapping the TI kit and connecting to a tablet ? I was expecting some cool Watson IOT app with all the sensor readings 🙂

  3. The first thing Internet of Thing must do is to solve the problem of jobs.
    Actually people must to work to live and this is what is stopping the technology. Technology will start truly when people work by love not by worry.
    Technology will help us to customize it in order to let everyone to study free and to work free if they want.
    I would like to work for free, but we need at lest the basic to survive.

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