How data science and machine learning can help in boosting website design

  • Posted by admin on July 2, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI), data science, web design and development are the three major domains collectively shaping the world of the internet right now. However, nothing may immediately come to one’s mind to establish a correlation among the three, says Yash Mehta.

But if motivated to think of some examples, it gradually becomes clear if we think of how ads relevant to us come up while browsing the web or how Amazon uses our previous search data to automatically display relevant products every time we browse through it.

As consumer behaviour and markets change over time, data-driven technology and applications becomes a necessity to strategise businesses. Founder of DomainMagnate, Michael Bereslavsky says “we are presently at a time where the capability of technologies like data science and AI improves day by day and perhaps it might even be possible where certain strategic business solutions are provided by AI itself based on financial data indicators”. Therefore, to understand how AI and data science can help in web design, a brief overview of the respective domains becomes necessary.

Overview of machine learning, web designing and data science

Machine learning (ML) is a type of AI in which a system has the ability to automatically perform functions by recognising patterns from the data it receives without the need for explicit programming instructions. Machine learning, together with the other areas of AI like deep learning, is currently one of the hottest trends in computer science research at universities as well as at corporations like Facebook, Google, IBM, etc., Tools utilised for ML majorly include R and Python packages.

Web design and development are like the two faces of the same coin wherein a web designer designs a website, specifies the layout, colour, typesetting, etc. They are also responsible for outlining a good UX design similar to the role of an architect in construction. Whereas a web developer brings life to that design because they develop the functionality of web pages, making it responsive and interactive for users similar to the role of engineers in construction.

Web designers often use Photoshop, Illustrator and similar softwares. They also benefit from knowing languages like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript etc., Web developers, on the other hand, are required to know a wide range of languages that include but are not limited to HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL etc., depending on whether they are front-end or back-end developers.

Data Science, in crude words, is the science (or as some say, pseudoscience) of making sense out of the data that is available for various purposes which is mainly concerned with optimisation. Various tools are employed for achieving this and it requires knowledge on a variety of fields namely statistics, Python, computer science etc.

So how exactly do machine learning and data science help web designing?

The essential process by which ML and data science integrate and operate together is summed up simplistically in the picture below.


To get an intuitive feel of how these domains can be brought together in web designing, let’s take a look at how one company employs them for their […]

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