GPS tracking provider Trackerando deploy cloud-based IoT platform in just six weeks

  • Posted by admin on January 19, 2018

Trackerando allows its enterprise and consumer customers to accurately track and monitor vehicles, assets and people. The company upgraded to Cumulocity to provide an IoT platform which delivers carrier grade reliability and accelerates innovation

Rising consumerisation, increased globalisation and a relentless focus on operational excellence are driving businesses that sell consumer products to innovate at tremendous speeds. Often consumers expect purchased products to have an online component or a set of applications that allow enhanced, digital experiences with products. At the same time global markets are causing tremendous product proliferation and competition for consumer purchases. Businesses creating consumer products must focus on innovation while relying on automated tools to enhance their operational excellence. As these businesses face market challenges, business risks and the need to simplify operations, they are choosing to layer technology-based services on their consumer products.

Companies like Trackerando have innovated their businesses to take advantage of the connected, digital future. By embedding technology in their solutions, they are able to redefine the relationship between themselves, their partners and their customers. No longer are they strictly reliant on product-based sales, but they have used Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create a new customer experience that includes an online consumer service for their products.

The Cumulocity IoT platform allows its businessto-consumer (B2C) customers to rapidly, efficiently and securely co-innovate with new customer offerings and create long-term relationships with their customers. Businesses are changing their strategies and technologies to be ahead of rapidly changing consumer demands. Trackerando is revolutionising their industries with IoT.

About Trackerando: Trackerando, is a forward-thinking GPS tracking solution provider which combines high-quality products with individualised service. Trackerando offers transportation sector solutions for automobiles, buses, trucks and powerboats; and personal tracking for humans and pets. The company was founded in Münster, Germany and has sales throughout Europe.

Trackerando’s customers rely on its high-quality, secure and robust tracking platform to track their vehicles, people and assets. However, Trackerando was spending considerable effort developing, upgrading and maintaining its in-house built solution. These efforts put significant pressure on the Trackerando development and product management teams to support new features and new devices in a stable, secure, rapid and reliable manner. All of the time spent developing, upgrading and managing the platform meant that Trackerando had less time to spend creating revenue-generating, value-added services and delighting its customers.

In addition, the personal tracking market has become increasingly competitive in the last five years with the proliferation of low-cost devices becoming available. Consumers continued to expect high quality products with exceptional user interfaces that combined simplicity and refined design elements. Trackerando needed to make a change to meet consumer demands.

Trackerando adopts the Cumulocity IoT Platform – to reduce development and maintenance costs, increase scalability and flexibility and maintain security and privacy levels, Trackerando chose to implement a dedicated edition of the Cumulocity IoT Platform. Deployed in a German datacentre, this cloud-based solution allowed Trackerando to launch its new personal tracking service to the market and replace its older solution. This development would allow Trackerando customers to increase their […]

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