Electric Imp Platform now available on the new imp004m module

  • Posted by admin on June 2, 2017


One unique value for Electric Imp customers is the diverse variety of connected products our customers can create on our secure IoT connectivity and middleware platform. That includes IoT-connected products running for years on batteries and supporting wide-ranging IP connectivity.

For us, flexibility starts with the the fully-integrated nature of our solution, which includes authorized hardware modules running the impOS operating system, secure architecture (UL 2900-2-2 certified), programmable device and cloud application containers, and extensive managed cloud services – all purpose-built for IoT.

We’re very pleased to announce the availability of the new imp004m module, which gives our customers additional options for their IoT designs, enabling easy hardware design-in and suitable for long-running, battery-powered use cases.

What makes the imp004m extremely easy to use in hardware designs is its integrated antenna with modular FCC/IC/TELEC approval and 2-layer PCB support, obviating the need for impedance-controlled traces. As with all our modules, the imp004m also comes pre-installed with impOS software, making each module secure starting from the silicon, and fully managed by the Electric Imp Platform as a Service. Services include over-the-air security and platform updates, easy and secure device enrollment, fail-safe software provisioning, and scalable device management.


The imp004m features include:

  • A 96MHz ARM Cortex-M4F processor with 184 KB RAM available for application use
  • 256 KB of application space (sufficient for more than 10,000 lines of application code)
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi, and full range of I/O (UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC)
  • FCC, IC and TELEC modular wireless approvals, tested to conform to European CE standards
  • Integrated antenna with modular FCC/IC approval
  • Hardware and software optimized for battery efficiency (2 years of operation or more with a CR123 battery in periodic sensing applications)
  • Software compatibility with the other impDevices which enables customers to easily move between different modules based on their project requirements

Each imp module also provides powerful edge application processing and connectivity for a wide range of use cases, from the small and efficient imp003 module to the powerful imp005 module, which includes with dual-band WiFi, 10/100Mb Ethernet, and USB host support.

Ideal use cases for the imp004m are remote monitoring applications such as environmental monitoring, equipment monitoring or process monitoring, asset tracking and optimization, access control, and many other use cases requiring battery-powered, secure, and intelligent edge nodes.

To support easy hardware prototyping and software development, the imp004m Breakout Board is also available. The breakout board includes the imp004m module, flash storage, basic circuitry for power and BlinkUp™, and I/O headers. The design is open sourced under MIT license and complete design and PCB files can be found on our Dev Center.


The imp004m module is available immediately as fully functional samples for development purposes from Murata, as is the imp004m breakout board (Electric Imp store, DigiKey). Availability of the imp004m production version is expected soon.

In summary, the imp004m enables customers to add secure, scalable, and intelligent connectivity to their products effectively and with minimal effort, going rapidly from PoC to production, so they can deliver IoT solutions and business value faster too.

Jonathan Dillon
Hardware Project Manager
Electric Imp

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