Beginning with Internet of Things IoT for Developers

  • Posted by admin on March 9, 2017

Internet of Things (IoT) is being touted as the next big thing after the WWW. Technologies are being developed rapidly to address this nascent space.
This session is intended to get your started with IoT. We cover the basics of what IoT means, see Arduino board in action and demonstrate sharing data on internet. A brief discussion on architectural aspects of IoT is also done.
If you are just getting started with IoT or want to get started with IoT, this video is for you.
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20 thoughts on “Beginning with Internet of Things IoT for Developers”

  1. Excellent tutorial on IoT starter. I got everything I need to know to start working on basic IoT projects from this tutorial with awesome demos using Audruino Uno

  2. thank you sir
    can you provide video on IOT using respberry pi instead of ardino…
    is it nessasary to learn java instead of python and matlab to work on IOT…

  3. sir this is very helpfull for me.but sir i can't understand from the second setup after blinky..sir please explain

  4. Would it be simpler to just skip using the Arduino and instead just collect and send the sensor data with the Raspberry Pi? I'm just not clear on why we need the Arduino in this situation

  5. wonderful demo…
    I have following questions (consider my questions, as I am completely new to this and trying hard to understand IOT) if any of my questions are not clear, I would love to post it again.

    In the demo I believe there are 3 things involved.
    – intel Edison board
    – Node (the wifi lcd) which send the data to the cloud (to the web page)
    – The webpage

    Q1: Do arduino IDE works for all kinds of boards (Arduino/intel/Raspberry)???

    Q2: Is there a program written in the Intermediate Node which uploads the data to the cloud???

    Q3: Humidity and Temperature sensor read the data through analog port and send it via digital port to the wifi connector??? then though wifi it send the data to the website???

    Q4: I have seen the graph related to noise, pot, touch etc… that code is written separately using java script to demonstrate the data. The data from wifi connector is received through HTTP get in the webpage and processed to create these graphs???
    Need to understand this, how to collect the data and process.

    I was not little clear with the LCD part of the demo. Does this LCD has a wifi connector in it???

    please help me understand. I was really inspired by your demo, I have ordered an Arduino UNO R3 board along with some accessories ONLINE today to try out things just shown. Would need your help further to do some wonderful things. Thank you soooooooo much for being my inspiration.

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